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Enjoying Food, or Eating Emotionally?

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Health Fad or Miracle Cure?

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Coconut Oil Conspiracy?

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How a Simple Change in Thought Process Can Help You Escape American Exercise Norms Written by Caitlin Schille More exercise is a good New Year’s resolution, no doubt, but there is a disconnect—the CDC says only 1 in 5 Americans get the physical activity they need. One experienced researcher says it’s because our reasons for …

Pre-workout foods that will dampen your intensity and affect your results By Greg Marshall, The GYM at City Creek 1. Fast Food Fast foods are not a good pre-workout meal because they have a lot of empty calories and fat content. These meals also have a lot of sugar-based carbohydrates, which spikes your insulin and …

obese child

Written by Angela Silva The data doesn’t lie: according to a 2014 report from the Center for Disease Control, nearly one-third of all children ages 2–19 are overweight or obese. Parents of obese children wonder what to do to make the future brighter for their kids, but misconceptions exist that propel childhood obesity forward. The …

Antibiotics and obesity

Antibiotics and Obesity While antibiotics may play a part in the development of obesity, it probably isn’t a big enough factor to forego the benefits of antibiotics. Written by Caitlin Schille As obesity rates rise, particularly in children, the medical community has become increasingly aware of its negative health effects. Because of obesity’s myriad consequences, …