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Ketamine For Depression

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Questions About Grief That People Are Scared to Ask

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More Than a Headache: Migraines

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People suffering from treatment-resistant depression, chronic pain, PTSD or suicidal tendencies are finding relief through a drug originally developed in the 1960s as a anesthetic. The drug is called ketamine. Ketamine continues to grow in popularity as an option for alleviating depression and other maladies. Clinics that administer the drug have opened around the country. …

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dessert sugary

Recent studies conclude that high glucose levels can negatively affect memory and impair cognition. One study of more than 4,200 people, conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, found that those who consumed more sugary drinks had poorer memory and reduced overall brain volume, particularly in the area of the brain that stores short-term …

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If you were in conversation with grief what would you ask? What would you be curious about? Grief shows up in ways that we cannot imagine. It likes to grab you, hold you, and sometimes, if you’re not careful, keep you in its grip. Yes, when you meet grief, identify it as grief; you have …

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helping addicts

One of the hardest situations that a family can face is having a loved one suffering from addiction. Families face a huge dilemma, in which they want to show love and support for their suffering loved one, but that loved one isn’t getting better and often seems to be getting worse. The question families need …

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By Susan Ducharme Hoben What does it mean to “die well”? The simple answer is it means dying the way you want to. Of course that then leads to more complicated and thought-provoking questions: How do you want to die? And when is it time to start thinking about that? There is no one answer. …

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Addiction is a disease much like diabetes or heart disease. It’s usually easy to remain friends with someone after they develop heart disease or diabetes, but the same cannot be said for friendships with addicts. As a friend to an addict, you’re torn. It’s impossible not to be. You love your friend, but you don’t …

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new migraine treatments

Understanding migraines and the modern state of treatment When a migraine strikes it can be disorienting and excruciating. Light, sound and smells become your enemy. The throbbing pain hurts so bad you want to cry, but you know that will only make things worse. This is not just a bad headache. “Migraine is a neurological …

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Depression studies find the “prosocial” brains are more prone to depression Written By Jack Turban      Excerpt from We all like to think that being kind, responsible, and fair will lead to a happy life. But what if we’re wrong? What if nice guys really do finish last? A new study published in Nature Human …

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Use your willpower carefully, because it runs out Written by Caitlin Schille Most people have the best of intentions when it comes to their health. They intend to go to the gym, they want to wake up early and go for a run, they want to control how much they eat, and they want to …

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And how neuroplasticity plays a role in recovery Written by Annie Hopper We’re more stressed than ever. In its latest “Stress in America” survey, the American Psychological Association (APA) found that Americans’ overall stress levels are rising. On a scale from 1 (little or none) to 10 (a great deal), overall stress levels rose from …

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