Why Don’t People Price Shop For Medical Services?

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What’s With Professional Athletes Going Vegan?

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Ways We Think About Time The Wrong Way

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medical price transparency

Here is list of things we’ll buy without bothering to look at the price: a pack of gum, a coffee, and… knee surgery? There are several reasons why people don’t “shop around” for healthcare prices. Underlying this phenomenon is the fact that we’ve been shielded from the true cost of healthcare for so long, we’ve …

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Erika Tymrak Vegan

Is it the end of the meat-muscle connection? The list of high level athletes going vegan or vegetarian grows every year across almost every sport, including football, basketball, soccer, distance running, bodybuilding, Formula 1, and tennis. The pros are ditching meat for a variety of reasons. Venus Williams, the second highest earning female tennis player …

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tap water

Tap Out Written by Michael Richardson Those berated for flipping on the tap for a drink instead of using the filtered pitcher or refrigerator water probably don’t have a good defense for their action. And those berating probably don’t have a great reason for the reprimand other than “well it’s filtered.” The truth is there’s …

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Older Women Breast Cancer

Should care be different? Written by Michael Richardson About 5 percent of women with breast cancer are under 40. With age, risk increases. Women over 70 experience the highest rates; about a third of those diagnosed are older than 70. The problem is, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the “geriatric population is …

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time management

It’s time to rethink time. Written by Michael Richardson Is the tick-tock of life a symphony of sound or the rhythm of impending doom? What is time for you? Taking Back Time Humans invented the tick tock noise, and humans can take control of it, even if it momentarily slips from our grasp. Starting 5,000 …

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Disorganization mental health

Partial to hoarding? That’s okay. Keep it, fix it, burn it, lose it. So many choices when it comes to . . . stuff. Your choices are far from trivial, however. Cluttered space and disorganization make life feel muddled, and can turn a sentimental home into an unfeeling stockpile. Fortunately, solutions aren’t needles in the …

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Let’s face it, a messy digital life is just as bad as a messy living room Increasingly, learning to control one’s digital life is synonymous with controlling life in general, since the digital world is so fully ingrained in our lives. Sure, there’s social media and dumb phone games that ruthlessly steal time. But now, …

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Midwife use is on the rise. Here’s what expecting mothers should understand. Written by Michael Richardson The proportion of births attended by a midwife is the highest it has been for decades, putting midwifery in a spotlight that has attracted both praise and criticism. Safety concerns some who see this rise in foregoing OB/GYNs, but …

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exercise no weight loss

A Cochrane review of 43 studies dealing with exercise for weight loss found that “compared with no treatment, exercise resulted in small weight losses across studies.” Uh… what? Let’s digest this for a moment. These researchers are saying that they reviewed dozens of studies and found that exercise really doesn’t have a big impact on …

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to do list

How Life Seems More Complicated Than It Is Written by Michael Richardson  A hilarious book called Reasons My Kid Is Crying compiles a list of ridiculous reasons why kids cry, submitted by parents along with pictures of the sobbing children. Here are some of the funniest reasons: “He thought the microwave ate his lunch.” “Someone …

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