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Sports injuries are the second leading cause of emergency room visits for children and adolescents Written by Brooke Kittel Participation in youth sports is at an all-time high in the United States. The proliferation of club-type teams has opened the sporting arena to a much wider circle of kids than ever before.    According to …


By MotivHealth Child eating large quantities of fatty foods. Preventing Childhood Obesity A Lethal Epidemic This week (July 4-10) is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Week. However, we should really be focusing on prevention year-round as U.S. childhood obesity rates have doubled, and teen obesity rates have tripled, since 1980. Obesity heavily contributes to several serious physical and …


How this peaceful exercise can wreak havoc  WRITTEN By Caitlin Schille | Healthy Magazine Yoga is a popular form of exercise among Americans. According to a recent survey, approximately 20.4 million adults regularly practice yoga, which is 8.7 percent of adults, and the trend seems to be growing. As yoga increases in popularity, concerns have been …

morning exercise

A morning workout routine that will help you kick the snot out of your day Stop the alarm, flip on a light, and do this workout to get your day started right. Morning workouts should ease into movement, so this workout is designed around easing into your range of motion, leading to some cardio and …


Written by Tina Homolik  With summer right around the corner, everyone is looking forward to some barbeque heaven. Warm weather and good company are only made better by a juicy hot dog or hamburger right off the grill. Before enjoying the wonders of grilled meat, however, you must brave a tidal wave of meat options with their confusing labels, like “farm-raised,” “organic,” and “free-range.” Inevitably, consumers wonder if they …

soda addiction

Written by Angela Silva For many, soda is a part of the daily routine. They grab a big gulp at the gas station, keep 12 packs in the fridge at home, have secrete stashes at work and drink it on an almost scheduled basis. The caffeine is necessary to get that morning pick-up, or the …

restaurant menu

The psychology of a restaurant menu You may not have put much thought into it before, but there is actually some strategy and tact behind that list of food items you study at a restaurant. Enough has been uncovered about the human mind and its tendencies to apply a little psychology to a restaurant menu, …

meal decisions

Written by Angela Silva Changing your lifestyle is not easy. Even just arriving at the decision to finally make some changes takes a painful process of self-reflection and humility. And once you’ve begun, you would assume that your loved ones would support and encourage you, making it even easier to reach your goals. But actually, …