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Written by Mike Jones With so much conflicting information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know what to believe. We all know the myriad of benefits that exercise provides: improved mood, stress relief, increased energy, disease prevention, and weight control. Working out can certainly do good things for your skin as well. It increases the blood flow, …

Sugar Addiction

Written by Emily Rollins Everybody loves the taste of an ice cold Coke at a summer barbecue. And who can resist a warm, flakey donut on their way to work? Let’s face it, as Americans, we love our fizzy sodas and our Krispy Kreme’s, but the health consequences resulting from our high-sugar diet may not …


Written by Taylor Empey – Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, Salt Lake City In my experience as a seasoned fitness coach, I have helped thousands of people when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals. Whether it be fat loss, muscle building, performance, body image issues, dealing with eating disorders, or battling medical conditions, I’ve …

over exercise

Exercise is good for physical health. Duh. We regularly get this message through various trustworthy channels— doctors, public health advertising, and perhaps our friends and families. The message we receive is that we should be exercising more, and for many people, this is true. Most people could probably benefit from getting more exercise than they’re …


How to get on the offensive when it comes to overeating Written by Michael Richardson Holiday memories are great—except for the ones that remain in your love handles. The holidays are about family, fun and food, and we shun anything that tries to take away from those joys. But we also worry about our weight …

halloween eating tips kids

How to Make Halloween Treats a Little Less Spooky Written by Emma Penrod The calorie counts on most popular Halloween candies vary widely — from jelly beans, which have as little as 35 calories per fun-sized serving, to fun-size Butterfingers candy bars, with more than 100 calories in a single serving. But if you’re looking …

avocado boats

Couscous Avocado Boats Recipe

collagen supplement

Written by Michael Richardson Is the long-awaited zombie apocalypse finally here? People are eating desiccated connective tissue, and telling their friends about the benefits. Granted, the hydrolyzed tissues mostly come in powder form. And they aren’t human. If you’ve ever spent a second at a beauty salon or on a cosmetics website, you’ve heard the …