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Punching Bag Workout You’ll need:  A punching bag Tape or gloves Warm Up:  20 pushups Arm rotations (go through your range of motion) 20 body-weight squats Your Stance: Stable stance, bent knees Hands raised to chest level Feet are generally offset, so your non-dominant foot is slightly forward The Workout Take a 30 second break …

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Written by Taylor Empey – Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, Salt Lake City In my experience as a seasoned fitness coach, I have helped thousands of people when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals. Whether it be fat loss, muscle building, performance, body image issues, dealing with eating disorders, or battling medical conditions, I’ve …

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With winter creeping up on us, it means shorter daylight time and colder temperatures. For many people, it will also be a time of the year when their physical activity efforts dip. People often reduce the amount of time they spend being physically active over the winter, usually due in part to it being so …

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Written by Caitlin Schille, MPH Are you familiar with the relatively new term of “fat-shaming?” Fat-shaming is when people try to make others who fall into the categories of overweight and obese feel badly about themselves and about their bodies. Those staunchly against fat-shaming promote overall body positivity— the idea that all people should feel …

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apple cider vinegar

Exploring the true and false of apple cider vinegar. Written by Caitlin Schille Apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy for many years, but lately it has been gaining traction as the latest fad in a long line of health trends. With rapidly changing information and differences in “expert” opinion, it can …

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Written by Brittany Poulson, MDA, RDN, CD, CDE In the midst of winter and early spring it can be hard to remember to eat your fruits and veggies. Unlike the spring, summer and early fall months when gardens and markets are flourishing with fresh produce, winter paints quite the opposite picture. Gardens are thawing out, …

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Five Foods to Start Eating Teff Teff is an ancient grain from east Africa, Ethiopia to be specific. It has a mild, nutty flavor and is a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Try teff in porridge or stew, or by itself. Lentil Pasta Get your protein from nutritious legumes. Lentil pasta cooks …

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Slashing carbs and eating fats to enter ketosis; effective for weight loss? Written by Sophie Ringer Carb-haters are uniting around the keto diet, which is rooted in older therapeutic diets originally designed for purposes in neurologic medicine, like for controlling seizures in children. Studies also suggest those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s may benefit. So what …

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