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With winter creeping up on us, it means shorter daylight time and colder temperatures. For many people, it will also be a time of the year when their physical activity efforts dip. People often reduce the amount of time they spend being physically active over the winter, usually due in part to it being so …


Written by Mike Jones With so much conflicting information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know what to believe. We all know the myriad of benefits that exercise provides: improved mood, stress relief, increased energy, disease prevention, and weight control. Working out can certainly do good things for your skin as well. It increases the blood flow, …

Sugar Addiction

Written by Emily Rollins Everybody loves the taste of an ice cold Coke at a summer barbecue. And who can resist a warm, flakey donut on their way to work? Let’s face it, as Americans, we love our fizzy sodas and our Krispy Kreme’s, but the health consequences resulting from our high-sugar diet may not …


Written by Taylor Empey – Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, Salt Lake City In my experience as a seasoned fitness coach, I have helped thousands of people when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals. Whether it be fat loss, muscle building, performance, body image issues, dealing with eating disorders, or battling medical conditions, I’ve …

holiday health

Who doesn’t love the holiday season and all the occasions to dress up, hang out with family and friends and sip on eggnog or mulled wine? The problem is, that with a filled glass in one hand and endless trays of finger foods circling the room, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re …


It’s the time of year so many people dread. Just when the last of the Halloween candy is either consumed or discarded; BAM! Thanksgiving. And the sugar binge begins anew. The holiday season is a three-month junk food marathon, but Thanksgiving is the foremost culprit. Why? The entire holiday is based around a meal! Sure, …


A number of holiday-related triggers can make people sneeze, wheeze or, in the case of food allergies, have a more serious reaction.  But by planning ahead, the day can be misery-free. You already have to deal with in-laws, you certainly don’t want allergy and asthma issues on top of this.  Here are a few suggestions …


Hot Chocolate is a go-to during the holidays, but how can you make that hot comfort drink your own, and make guests notice something different? For people who want something more than marshmallows and peppermint sticks, keep reading. 1. Cinnamon: put a pinch of cinnamon in your hot cocoa to shake things up. Friends and …