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What Fingernails Reveal About Your Health

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Why Nice Brains Finish Last

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I am a recovering perfectionist. The perfectionism I practiced for decades of my life nearly killed me. It was as if the sudden realization, following the death of my father, that perfection is an elusive and impossible goal plunged me into a months-long depression. My brand of perfectionism started at an early age. I won …

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aging in the home

Put Together a Proactive Plan to Help Parents Age in Place Written by Lynda Shrager It isn’t easy watching mom and dad start to slow down and struggle with regular routines. At the same time, it’s also likely that they reject any offers of help or changes to their lifestyle. Forcing the issue will only …

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By Ilchi Lee Too often, we view life over 55 or 60 as though there is little to live for. This way of thinking is an unfortunate waste of potential since, now that people are living longer lives, there is so much that can be done with these years. Biological research has shown that human …

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fingernails health

Written by Sophie Ringer Nails don’t get much thought unless you’re clipping them or picking off nail polish. But your fingernails can actually reveal various aspects of your wellness. Here are some things to look for: Yellow Nails. Are your nails yellow? Don’t panic right away; the yellow tint could just be from aging or …

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Depression studies find the “prosocial” brains are more prone to depression Written By Jack Turban      Excerpt from We all like to think that being kind, responsible, and fair will lead to a happy life. But what if we’re wrong? What if nice guys really do finish last? A new study published in Nature Human …

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Healthy Aging

Written by Dr. Andrea Brandt, author of Mindful Aging Whether you want to keep working for as many years as possible or make the most of your retirement, you’ll need your brain in top shape. The best way to remain healthy and vibrant throughout your life is to stay active mentally and continue to learn …

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