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What Fingernails Reveal About Your Health

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Microblading: What the Heck?

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When Clothes are a Frenemy

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Skin care is one of those things that has peaked at an exaggerated all-time-high, with rich gals buying every new and shiny product under the sun, and the poor gals buying the rip-off versions that make your skin burn and your social media platforms soar. I won’t lie to you, I’ve dabbled in the area. …

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Deodorant’s Multiple Uses: If you’re only using deodorant for one reason, you’re missing out! Here are a few different ways you can put your deodorant to good use: Stinky Feet: Your armpits may not be the only place that smells. If your feet tend to get stinky and sweaty, rub a little deodorant on the …

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fingernails health

Written by Sophie Ringer Nails don’t get much thought unless you’re clipping them or picking off nail polish. But your fingernails can actually reveal various aspects of your wellness. Here are some things to look for: Yellow Nails. Are your nails yellow? Don’t panic right away; the yellow tint could just be from aging or …

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Written by Mike Jones With so much conflicting information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know what to believe. We all know the myriad of benefits that exercise provides: improved mood, stress relief, increased energy, disease prevention, and weight control. Working out can certainly do good things for your skin as well. It increases the blood flow, …

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Thin eyebrows are a plague among those who make appearance a high priority. Okay, plague might be a bit of an exaggeration, but still. People hate their thin, whispy, or missing eyebrows. In fact, thin eyebrows have led to the popularization of an edgy trend with a dangerous-sounding name: microblading. Microblading is Tattooing Face tattoos? …

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“Okay what’ll it be today?” asks the barber. “Uh… Just a normal haircut please,” says the dude who’s about to get a haircut he hates. Even instructions like “shorter on the sides and longer on top” are pretty much worthless, since that describes essentially every male haircut. Find a picture and save it to your …

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Man Month Brown Business Shoes These shoes should look okay with a suit, and not out of place with jeans either. These are your workhorses. Black Formal Shoes These should impress, and demand respect. Semi-Formal Boots For colder weather, snow, and rain, you need shoes that won’t sacrifice the rest of your outfit. Semi-Casual Loafers …

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Dusters, Blazers, Dresses A guide to wearing Chic while it’s still Chilly Duster Coats Their light material provides a perfect extra layer for spring chilliness.   Trench Coats Trench coats are in, and sleeveless trench coats are great for a spring look.   Blazers Blazers aren’t for grandmas and old bands anymore. The right open …

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Nothing fits, your body feels odd and wobbly, and there’s oozing; how could this be a recipe for beauty? Of course, a woman has other things on her mind, other priorities besides looking great, when a new baby arrives (like how to keep this baby alive and healthy, for example). But mothers who give up …

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Columbia's jacket game is on point, as usual

The Winter OR in Salt Lake City just ended. It’s where all the big winter/outdoor brands come and present their new lines, cool products, etc. We picked 9 of our favorite things.

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