Fashions Trends That Rose From the Dead

10 fashions you thought were dead but are very alive



Picking out shorts/pants to match a shirt seemed to be too much work for some girls in the ‘80s, so what did designers do? They made full-body articles of clothing, and named them jumpsuits. Fast-forward to 2015, and jumpsuits are back with a stylish vengeance. You’ll look fly and everyone will envy how absolutely comfortable you look.


Denim On Denim

It’s been a few decades since someone wearing jeans looked at a denim jacket and said “this is what my outfit needs.” However when Kim Kardashian wears nothing but denim, you know it is on its way back.



Overalls ditched the farm and jumped into the fashion scene way back in the 1980’s. Like most fashions in the eighties it came and went and the world breathed a sigh of relief. Overalls are making a come back, however, and thankfully they are taking some more flattering cuts.


Mom Jeans

In 2003 Saturday Night Live did one of their classic commercial skits advertising Mom Jeans with a line that says, “This mother’s day give her something that says, I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom.” Well truth is stranger than fiction. Mom jeans are genuinely in style—stores like Forever 21 have a “Mom Fit Jean” with a 20-year-old model in the picture.


The Quiff

This 1950’s hairstyle is back and it won’t take you long to notice on men everywhere. What guy doesn’t want to look like James Dean or Justin Timberlake?


Oversized Clothes

Another fashion that took off in the ‘80s was very loose fitting shirts coupled with tight leggings, equally tight jeans or a mini-skirt. This fashion is now very modern and can be seen on celebrities everywhere.


High-Water Pants

These pants were once the most blatant sign that someone was a nerd, and were sure to get made fun of. In 2015 the nerd look is very trendy and these pants are most often paired with colored socks.



Neon is appearing again, especially in sportswear where being seen by cars is a prominent secondary goal after style. If you hate neon and camo, image search “neon camo.” Apologies in advance for any retina damage.


Huge Glasses

Every child has seen their parents as teenagers rocking glasses bigger than their heads and thinking how terrible they look. Big frames are back and have never been cooler, to the confusion of parents everywhere. While they aren’t quite as big as they were decades ago, you can’t miss them.


Polka Dots

Polka dots really entered the fashion scene in the late 1920’s. Disney even put polka dots on Minnie Mouse. Polka dots were all the rage in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and in 1962 Marvel even came up with a villain named Mr. Polka Dot who uses his dots to fight Batman and Robin. Today Polka dots could not be more fashionable and even men wear them on ties and socks.


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