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What Fingernails Reveal About Your Health

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Microblading: What the Heck?

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When Clothes are a Frenemy

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Dusters, Blazers, Dresses A guide to wearing Chic while it’s still Chilly Duster Coats Their light material provides a perfect extra layer for spring chilliness.   Trench Coats Trench coats are in, and sleeveless trench coats are great for a spring look.   Blazers Blazers aren’t for grandmas and old bands anymore. The right open …

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Nothing fits, your body feels odd and wobbly, and there’s oozing; how could this be a recipe for beauty? Of course, a woman has other things on her mind, other priorities besides looking great, when a new baby arrives (like how to keep this baby alive and healthy, for example). But mothers who give up …

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Columbia's jacket game is on point, as usual

The Winter OR in Salt Lake City just ended. It’s where all the big winter/outdoor brands come and present their new lines, cool products, etc. We picked 9 of our favorite things.

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wardrobe difficulties

How Many Articles of Clothing Do You Actually Wear On a Regular Basis? Clothes can make the morning more stressful, which is crazy because most of us love clothes. But sometimes we have to many, which is the root of the stress. Ladies, say you have 6 pants/skirts, 12 tops and 5 pairs of shoes …

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perfume choices

Choosing the right perfume is essential to defining your personal style through scent. A scent can be memorable, flirty, or overpowering. What do you want your perfume to say about you? What fragrances are better for summer? Where should I apply my perfume? The scent experts at have put together some quick tips and an accompanying …

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A Lemon a Day Keeps the Beautician, Doctor, & Weight-Reducing Programs Away Written by Rebekah McClure – Healthy Magazines I want you to stop reading this right now. Good. Now…think. Think of the last time that you got a compliment. I’m not talking about something you were wearing, like “Rachel, that necklace is just to-die-for!” …

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Harsh wind and frosty air is coming at you. Save your hair this winter by following some of our favorite tips: DRY HAIR Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. This may reduce bed head, split ends, and helps hair retain moisture Use a humidifier when you sleep, to help your hair trap moisture and …

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Juicing Trends

Juicing benefits for the long-term health-nut Written by Heather Hooke Juicing has this stigma that only the health guru who has way too much time on their hands actually does it. But the truth is, with the growing number of word-of-mouth testimonies combined with celebrity endorsements, a lot more people are following this health routine. …

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cadmium, beauty, jewelry, makeup, cancer

Why going au naturale could save you Written by Tamarra Kemsley You may not work as a welder or miner, but exposure to the heavy metal cadmium is no longer limited to those occupations. Cadmium is most frequently found in batteries and cigarette smoke, but it’s slowly becoming part of everyday items. It’s well established …

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By Chelsa MacKay Be Careful of Adding Texture Certain cosmetics add texture to the skin, which isn’t needed for people over 50, who generally already have some texture in their skin. For example, use cream-based cosmetics for the face versus powder, which adds texture. Foundation can also add texture. When picking foundation, seek for coverage …

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