Workout Mistakes for Those Trying to Lose Weight

sprint workout

If you’re trying to lose weight, these workout errors can hurt your progress.

> Only doing one type of workout.

If you do the same exercise a hundred times, you’ll get cardiovascular benefits, assuming you’re exerting yourself. But as the body builds tolerance to the workout, it will learn how to expend fewer calories to perform the activity. You need to vary your workouts so that they are difficult for the body each time.

> You increase distance or reps, but not speed or intensity.

Increasing distance is a great goal, and a great way to keep your heart healthy. But for weight loss, it might be more important to increase the speed rather than distance. Alternatively, runners can do the last mile faster than the previous miles, or switch off faster and slower miles.

> You’re too caught up in calorie counting.

The main goal of exercise is not to burn calories, it’s to be healthier. If you get too caught up in numbers, exercise becomes less consistent, and weight loss slips out of your grasp.

Sprint Workout

Warm Up- 15 minutes

Jog slowly for 5 minutes or jump rope for 3 minutes.

Do 40 yards of walking lunges.

Do 80 yards of skips.

Do 20 standing squats.


4 x 40 meter sprint (90-100% speed)
2 x 100 meter sprint (full speed)
1 x 400 meter sprint (full speed)

Cool Down

Jog for 5 minutes.

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