5 Tips for Curbing Your Candy Consumption

5 Tips for Curbing Your Candy Consumption

Seize the day, not the sweets

Written by Linsy Hunsaker | Healthy-Mag.com

1. Eat More

You’ve heard that eating small meals frequently throughout the day can help you lose weight, but have you ever wondered why? When your blood sugar drops, your body screams, “I need calories!” Don’t wait until you’re hungry to meet your body’s needs. By then, you may not have the willpower to choose hummus over Hershey’s.

 2. Have Sugar

This may seem counterintuitive, but outsmart your cravings. Have the sugar your body craves by snacking on a banana or beginning your day with a fruit smoothie. You can have the sugar you want without the overwhelming guilt a candy bar inevitably brings.

 3. Throw It Away

Willpower is all well and good until it’s midnight and you’re craving, well, everything. Don’t give yourself the option of dipping into your secret candy stash. Get rid of all the junk and make your home a safe place. You may not choose the carrots at midnight, but at least you won’t have the chocolate either.

 4. Do Something

When your candy cravings hit, as they inevitably will, give your mind something else to think about. “Take a walk” is common advice, but only effective if it actually distracts you. Do you like to go on impromptu runs, or is reading is your thing? Whatever the activity, just do what you love and show your cravings who’s boss.

 5. Plan Ahead

It’s easy to decide ahead of time that candy is not worth it, but when it’s staring you in the face, you need another option. Never leave home without throwing a healthy bar in your purse or stashing some dried fruit in your pocket. Don’t deny your body the calories, it will just want them more; give it something else.

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