Health Insurance Alternatives

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  1. Medi-Share is one of the largest and most well-known Christian health sharing ministries in the United States.
  2. It operates as a nonprofit organization and is based on the biblical principle of sharing one another’s burdens.
  3. Members contribute a monthly “share” amount based on their age, household size, and health status, and these contributions are used to cover the medical expenses of other members.
  4. Members are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and adhere to certain faith-based guidelines.

Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM):

  1. Christian Healthcare Ministries is another popular health sharing ministry that offers a variety of programs to fit different needs and budgets.
  2. It operates as a nonprofit and is known for its cost-effective approach to health sharing.
  3. Members are assigned a monthly financial responsibility based on their chosen program, and they share eligible medical bills with other members.

Samaritan Ministries:

  1. Samaritan Ministries is a Christian health sharing ministry that emphasizes direct member-to-member sharing.
  2. Members send their monthly share directly to another member with a medical need, along with prayers and notes of encouragement.
  3. This ministry is often appreciated for its personal touch and sense of community among members.

Liberty HealthShare:

  1. Liberty HealthShare is a health sharing ministry that aims to provide an alternative to traditional health insurance.
  2. Members share medical costs with one another based on a monthly “share” amount determined by factors such as age and family size.
  3. Liberty HealthShare offers several programs with varying levels of cost-sharing.

Altrua HealthShare:

  1. Altrua HealthShare is a faith-based health sharing ministry that offers a range of programs to meet different healthcare needs.
  2. Members commit to a monthly sharing amount based on their program choice.
  3. Altrua encourages a healthy lifestyle and provides a platform for members to share medical expenses within the community.

Start Health:

  1. Start Health is a health insurance alternative that is excellent for small businesses.
  2. It is not a Christian sharing ministry, but rather a healthcare reimbursement model. Members pay a comparatively low premiums and are offered a set reimbursement rate for all covered procedures.Start is network free and emphasizes price transparency—members are free to receive care from any provider but are encouraged to learn the costs of various providers before selecting where to receive care. If members choose a procedure from a facility that charges less than the set reimbursement rate offered by Start, members will still be reimbursed the full rate, resulting in an overall net earning.
  3. Start is the only healthcare reimbursement model that is health savings account (HAS) compatible. This allows members to pay for health costs with pre-taxed dollars.
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