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fitness gurus twitter

More and more, we’re using electronics for fitness. Twitter is a way to tap into the fitness world expertise in an easy, efficient way. Here are some of the healthiest birds in the Twittersphere.


James Fell is a fitness writer who’s been published all over. He talks to awesome sources and shares what he learns.


This peppy personal trainer tweets some great motivation to get off that behind.


A nutrition and fitness guru with some real education, he offers some excellent advice.


Recipes, exercises and workout pointers come at you in a comfortable way through this increasingly popular feed.


This is the Twitter account for Health Magazine and Dieting tips, workout ideas and more fill their feed, without a lot of the garbage banter oozing out of personal trainer feeds.


This feed, which comes from Triathlete Magazine, is awesome for triathletes, but also for anyone interested in endurance, distance training, etc.


Brett dishes out awesome fitness and weight loss links on the regular. You might remember him from a previous season of The Biggest Loser.

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