8 Energizing Exercise Motivation Techniques

Written by Brenan Quirante 

If you haven’t exercised with the intent of being healthy or losing weight, starting an exercise routine might prove to be difficult. Often times, this happens because your body isn’t used to the amount of physical activity that you’re doing; this makes you feel tired more quickly, which can cause you to lose motivation. But don’t give up! There are certain techniques that can help you stay motivated by simply training your thoughts. If you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere with exercising, odds are you’re going to stop. To avoid this, follow these simple yet energising exercise motivation techniques!

1. Don’t Think, Just Do

Overthinking is a problem that a lot of us have, and it can cause us to change our minds on something we should’ve stuck with. When it comes to exercise, don’t think too hard or for too long; just set a routine for yourself, and that’s it! If you’re having second thoughts about something, don’t think about it—just do it!

2. Imagine How You Will Feel If You Don’t Exercise

Many people use exercise as a means of letting off steam, especially when they’re stressed or sad. Exercise can help get rid of negative feelings because you’re focusing on making your body better and healthier. If you don’t exercise, your body will suffer, and your mental state may suffer as well. Exercising is a great way to feel good about yourself!

3. Only Look to the Next Session

Are you having a tough workout session? Are you feeling like you’re never going to finish it? Do you feel so much pain that it’s preventing you from completing your routine? Well, we’ve got news for you – this is exactly what needs to happen to push you forward. Think like this: if you work hard now, it’ll be easier the next time you exercise! Stop thinking about the past or present. Instead, focus on the next session, then the next, and then the next. Keep moving forward!

4. Vary Your Exercise Routine

Having the same exercise routine can get monotonous after some time, and repeating the same routine over and over again can make it harder to finish your workout. Your body will appreciate some variety, so, switch it up a bit and mix up the exercises – it’s important to keep exercise interesting and creative!

5. Visualise Yourself Exercising

You may not realize how much your thoughts influence your work ethic. Science has proven that if you keep a positive outlook on life, good things will keep happening to you. The same can be applied here – if you visualise yourself exercising and being healthy, you’ll want to make those visions come true. And as you turn your thoughts into action, you’ll be able to see the changes in your body, which can only continue to motivate you.

6. Perform Exercises That You Enjoy

No one is forcing you to do painful or uncomfortable exercises. If you don’t feel like doing a certain exercise, you don’t have to do it! Just find one to replace it that works the same muscles. Don’t eliminate exercises for a specific muscle group; just find exercises that you enjoy.

7. Remember the Physical Benefits of Exercise

If you ever feel like giving up on exercise, remember how good it is for you. Most people who exercise feel healthier, are in better shape and have less stress. And what does giving up on exercising bring you? Absolutely nothing positive. So don’t give up, and keep exercising!

8. Remember the Psychological Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercising has a lot of psychological benefits. Regular exercise means that you have learned how to keep to a routine and follow a plan. Keeping a regular exercise routine also helps you feel better about yourself and can help clear your mind. This can help you think clearly, especially when it comes to making big decisions.


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