3 Healthy Snacks Like No Others

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Walk down any grocery aisle and you’ll see products claiming this and that, more protein, less fat, no sugar, non-GMO, etc. But most of these products simply changed their label and nothing else. Here are three new snacks that are pushing the boundaries of what a healthy snack can be.

Planetarians Veggie/Vegan Chips

Positioned as an alternative to typical potato chips, these chips are built around protein and fiber content from defatted seeds. Each bag has 4 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein.

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Phyter Bars

These bars are unique as a truly fresh, plant-based snack option. They have no chemicals or preservatives, and therefore need to be refrigerated. It isn’t your typical health bar that can last for two years on a shelf. Intriguing flavor combinations like Sweet Potato + Coconut and Beets + Cocoa make for an intriguing snack experience.

Find It: phyterfood.com


Rowdy Bars

Rowdy bars aim to be a good prebiotic, meaning fuel for good probiotics. Helping the gut microbiome is important! The base ingredients are yacon root (a good prebiotic), egg whites, nuts, and seeds. The founders are clean eating triathletes.

Find It: rowdyprebiotics.com


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