The Official “I Should Try That” List

16 Things to Try That Will Make You Feel Smart, Save You Money and Save You Time

1. Run corn starch on impossible knots.

2. Stretch out tight shoes by placing a bag of water in each of them then putting them in the freezer.

3. If someone has sideswiped you, remove their paint from your car with WD-40. Spray and leave for a few seconds, then wipe. WD-40 has also been said to work on stove tops, crayon and lipstick stains.

4. Fill your water bottle half way and lie it on its side in the freezer. Once frozen, fill the other half with water, and you won’t have the ice stopping water flow.

5. Use bread clips to label wires. Write “DVD,” “cable,” or “stereo” on different bread clips then place them on the respective wires.

6. Next time you clean windows, do the inside vertically and the outside horizontally, so that you can see which side needs another pass.

7. Use a hair straightener to iron your collar.

8. Use a can opener to open stubborn plastic packaging.

9. Tired of rust deposits in your bathroom from shaving cream cans, metal soap dispensers, etc.? Just apply clear nail polish to the underside of metal items in your bathroom.

10. If a candle wick is hard to reach and you’re burning yourself trying to light it, try lighting a dry spaghetti noodle and lighting the wick with that. Everyone has spaghetti noodles in the house.

11. Need AA but only have AAA batteries? Put balls of tinfoil in the extra space, and the AAA should work.

12. Use self-adhesive plastic hooks to mount your tablet or iPad anywhere.

13. To remove a stripped screw, try placing a rubber band between the screwdriver and the screw head. This gives extra grip and fills in the gaps from the stripping.

14. If the hole for your screw is too large, and the threads don’t catch, insert a toothpick and snap it off, so the toothpick is flush with the board. Then try your screw. The toothpick closes up the gap and adds pressure, helping the screw hold.

15. If your wood furniture is scratched, rub a walnut vigorously over the scratches.

16. When you have something in your eye, fill a large bowl with water and dunk your face in it, eyes open. This works much better than splashing water on your face from the faucet.

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