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Putting a Cap on Bottled Water

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Not Your Typical Western U.S. Trip Destinations

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10 Flowers You Can Eat

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Putting the Cap on Bottled Water

Written by Michael Richardson | Healthy Magazine When bottled water first became a thing, the first thing we said was either “why” or “that’s stupid.” Now many of the former naysayers pick up bottled water without a second thought, leaving reusable water bottles of yesteryear dry and buried in some cupboard or dump. Many see …

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Winning the West

Places west of the Rockies that will win you over, without the crowds Written by Karli Moats | When we dream of vacationing we usually envision a miraculous beach, outdoor adventures, and the stunning wonders of the world.  And tied to these dreams are some mental roadblocks: flying across the globe will drain the …

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10 Flowers You Can Eat

Written By Allyson Gordon | When it comes to your flower garden, there is more than meets the eye. Roses are more than simply beautiful, and dandelions are more than a obnoxious weed; they are also both nutritious and delicious. Dandelion: Before spraying the weed killer on these yellow beauties, think about adding them to …

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The new school year means new clothes, classes, and teachers – and the same old misery due to sneezing and wheezing for children who have allergies or asthma. From the class hamster to dust mites residing in carpet to germs from cold and flu viruses, asthma and allergy triggers lurk throughout the classroom. It’s not …

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fat is healthy

The Craze for Low-Fat Dairy May be Slimming Down By Sadie Wirthlin For years, people have been told to lose full-fat milk and to drink low fat or skim milk instead. Research has shown links between full-fat dairy, weight gain, and disease risks. BUT now those same researchers are pressing on the brakes and questioning …

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Cities Versus Suburbs

Where is the Best Place to Raise a Family? Written by Michael Richardson | Healthy Magazine Skyscrapers and designer stores versus backyards and block parties—a century-old debate for families. Parents want the best for their kids and for themselves, and wonder if a thriving city trumps a calm neighborhood. Schools, safety, culture, environment and dozens …

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Frequent Fighting Means Frequent Dying

Contention tied to earlier death Written by Karli Moats | It is safe to say that one of America’s favorite hobbies is observing others in conflict. You turn on the TV to find shows splurging with reality, drama, and our favorite—the confrontation. Everywhere you look you find media broadcasting fights, divorce, and abuse. When you …

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Green Tea Weight Loss

Written by Taylor Smith | Weight loss pills—we dismiss them out of hand, largely because we think they’re too good to be true. If there were some magic pill that could help us lose weight, obesity wouldn’t be a worldwide epidemic projected to be the number one cause of death around the world by …

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

A Look at Prescription Drug Abuse in Utah Written by Allyson Gordon | The rate of prescription drug abuse deaths in Utah has increased 59 percent since 1999, and 284 percent since 1979, according to a recent report from Trust for America’s Health, a non-profit public health organization. This dramatic increase has brought along …

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Over Diagnosed?

ADD & ADHD are on the rise in the US. The question is, “Why?” By Taylor Smith | Many psychologists, researchers, and parents have fought hard over the last 50 years to raise awareness for ADHD as a legitimate psychological disorder. And now, thanks in part to their efforts and the numerous studies the have …

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