3 Ways To A Spotless Spring: Battle the Dust and Clutter

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DIY Spring Cleaning: Homemade Cleaner, Better Tactics, and Dust

Ci-trusty DIY Spring Cleaner

1. Fill a glass, air-tight container with orange peels, and sprinkle some salt on top.
2. Fill the container with white vinegar.
3. Seal the container, and let it sit for 2-3 weeks in a cool, dark location.
4. Strain out the peels, and pour the liquid solution into a spray bottle. Dilute with distilled water if the vinegar smell is too strong.

Some other combinations to try:

• Orange peels and whole cinnamon sticks.
• Lemon peels and rosemary.
• Lime peels and thyme.

How does it work?

Citrus peels contain limonene, a natural solvent. Vinegar is great against mold, bacteria and germs because of its acidity.

Is Dust a Health Risk? How to Best Clean It Up

Nine out of ten homes have dozens of potentially harmful chemicals lurking in household dust, according to research published recently in Environmental Science & Technology. Some common harmful chemicals found in household dust include:

• Phthalates
• Flame retardants
• Synthetic fragrances

These chemicals and more come from things like flooring, packaging, carpet padding, insulation, electronic devices and personal care products. Exposure to the harmful chemicals has been tied to respiratory issues, reproductive system issues, hormone problems and more.

Young children and toddlers who are near the floor or crawling, and often put things in their mouths, are most at risk from the dangers of consuming chemicals in dust.

Cleaning Dust

Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth for cleaning dust. Use too much cleaning fluid, and new dust will congregate. Soft cloths will hold dust better than flatter weaves. Reader’s Digest suggests using fabric softener on your rag, to help prevent future dust build up.

Entryways the Easy Way: Clutter Guide

The entryway to your home is often the messiest place inside. It’s a tornado of shoes, coats, keys, socks, backpacks, dirt, mud and general havoc. It’s a bad place for messes, because it’s the last thing you see when you leave, and the first thing greeting you get when opening the front door. Stressful! And speaking of stress, wouldn’t it be awesome if leaving the house was easier for your family? Make it easier with some entryway magic:

• Have a hook or bowl for keys. A corkboard with multiple hooks makes for a sleek and organized key system.
• Get a boot tray for wet/muddy/snowy weather. Line the tray’s bottom with stylish rocks.
• Loop a clear plastic bag around a hanger in the closet, and put gloves, hats and smaller items in that bag.
• If you have several children, consider having bins or shelves labeled with names, so each child has a place for backpacks, coats, shoes, etc.
• Install an entryway chalkboard. We leave stuff in the entryway because we don’t want to forget it right? Chalk it, don’t plop it.
• Have a bin/bucket/bag for pet toys and leashes.

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  1. Adrienne
    April 26, 2017

    Since I have started using fabric softener on my dust cloths, I have noticed a definite difference in the amount of dust that builds up on my floor boards!

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