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Top social media apps you should check out

  • Path- This is social media for your family. Everyone has those moments where we want to put stuff on facebook, but maybe it is a little too personal. Or maybe you feel bad for posting that two hundredth baby picture. Path is perfect for this because instead of 1,000 friends, you only have 13. You can also share much more than words. It is easy to share songs, movies, books, photos and more. This really is an intimate social media experience. Click here to view app
  • Polyvore- This social media is focused on fashion. It is a place where you can discover and set new trends. The app lets you create designs from clothes all over the web, or from your personal wardrobe, and put your genius on display for the whole world to see. The app depends on a fashion conscious community to create great content for those looking for new styles. Click here to view app.
  • Flipboard- flipboard is like your own personal magazine, the app lets you browse lots of news sites for any news story you can imagine. You then place the article in one of your magazines and then your friends, or anyone that follows you, will be able to see what you put. You can also search for magazines that interest you that are curated by people just like you. It is social media that keeps you informed. Click here to view app.
  • Spotify- While its main purpose is a media streaming service; spotify is a great way to share your favorite songs and playlists with your friends. They can even see what songs you have been listening to recently in their music feed. If you need to find new music Spotify has a discover page that will help you find music based on genre, activities, mood and even what is popular in your area. Click here to view app.
Best Wardrobe app
  • Pureple- this app lets you find your clothes online or take pictures of them. Then it will help you organize the clothes and help you pick outfits by placing clothes together so you can see how they look without even trying it on. If you aren’t sure if a particular outfit works or can’t choose between a couple options, ask the community and real people will give your their opinions. Click here to view app.
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