Creative Candy Alternatives for Halloween, 2021

By MotivHealth

Halloween definitely isn’t helping our nation’s obesity epidemic, but no one wants to be the lame house that passes out apples. So, if candy isn’t your thing, what can you pass out instead without getting shunned? Below are 30 creative alternatives, all of which can be found on Amazon (click on the item names for links), and most of which can be found at your local dollar store as well.

  1. Play-doh
  2. Foam masks
  3. Bouncy balls
  4. Mochi squishy toys
  5. Slinkies
  6. Vampire fangs
  7. Yo-yos
  8. Whoopie cushions
  9. Punch balloons
  10. Mini scratch paper crafts
  11. Wind-up toys
  12. Lego Minifigures
  13. Glow sticks
  14. Hair scrunchies
  15. Magnets
  16. Mini skateboards
  17. Halloween notepads
  18. LED rings
  19. Temporary tattoos
  20. Key chains
  21. Slap bracelets
  22. Sugar-free drink flavoring packets
  23. Mini flashlights
  24. Rubber ducks
  25. Pumpkin-decorating stickers
  26. Mini coloring books
  27. Silly glasses
  28. Bubbles
  29. Fake mustaches
  30. Silly straws

And of course, you could always trick your guests instead of treating them.

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