Avoid Arguments at Family Parties

avoid family argument

For some reason, family get-togethers are a breeding ground for fierce debate. Whether it’s dad bashing Obama or your cousin ripping on the wealthy, tension will find a way in. Here are some important things to remember to keep family gatherings joyful.

1. Politics, the president and elections

Just acknowledge opinions, don’t contradict them. Family is more important than politics, and there are better places to discuss these things, especially when some family members are disinterested and feel excluded.

2. Holiday workload

Breakdowns often come because someone has been doing “all the work” while everyone else just watches football, eats and enjoys themselves. Be mindful of the amount of work required to throw a holiday party, especially when it comes to cooking and expenses.

3. Past grievances

It is a huge mistake to address grievances at your family or friend party, unless you want to ruin the atmosphere for some reason. Even if it isn’t a loud argument, everyone can feel the tension. Work things out before the gathering.

4. The complainer

Somebody at the party is going to want to complain about everything: money, dating, teens, you name it. If someone just has to complain, find a common enemy to complain about. Hunger, for example.

5. Money

Money is a touchy subject, especially when various family members have different incomes and different views on money. Just leave money out of family parties.

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