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Price Transparency In Healthcare Now Mandated

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Ketamine For Depression

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Questions About Grief That People Are Scared to Ask

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Nancy Bryan, Ph.D. Did you even know that your body talks to you?  Well, it does: and as a matter of fact, it never shuts up!  It’s not entirely our fault if we’ve lost the ability to hear messages from the body.  One thing true of human beings is that once something (an event, a …

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social media sadness

Written by McCall Mecham Have you ever noticed as you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, double tapping on every other picture, feelings of jealousy, envy, and a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)? Your friends went out to get ice cream, didn’t invite you, and have posted about it four times. It appears …

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aging in the home

Put Together a Proactive Plan to Help Parents Age in Place Written by Lynda Shrager It isn’t easy watching mom and dad start to slow down and struggle with regular routines. At the same time, it’s also likely that they reject any offers of help or changes to their lifestyle. Forcing the issue will only …

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food allergy

When Food Is Dangerous Imagine a poison that is forever within the grasp of your child, often disguised and always dangerous. Imagine the constant need for vigilance in a world where the poison is just a normal snack for everyone else. This nightmare is a reality for many anxious parents and their often-terrified children, thanks …

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With crowds of people, loud noises, traffic jams, and small living spaces it’s no surprise that city slickers get stressed. And no matter what city you live in there’s little way to hide or run away from it, so at some point we all feel stressed. Fortunately, stress can be a good thing. A little …

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comfort cling

Written by Kieran James Cunningham Ben Franklin once said that those who choose security over liberty deserve neither. He was, granted, talking about matters of state, but his words hold true for relationships as much as they do politics. Many of us reach that stage in our relationship where we have to make a decision …

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new migraine treatments

Understanding migraines and the modern state of treatment When a migraine strikes it can be disorienting and excruciating. Light, sound and smells become your enemy. The throbbing pain hurts so bad you want to cry, but you know that will only make things worse. This is not just a bad headache. “Migraine is a neurological …

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WASHINGTON, DC — As flu activity reaches its highest levels in nearly a decade, it is important to take steps to prevent getting or spreading the illness. These include recognizing the signs and symptoms, and knowing when to go to the emergency department or seek care from another medical professional. “This is a particularly dangerous …

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William B. Miller, Jr. M.D. By all accounts, this has been an uncommonly hard-hitting flu season with reports calling it the worst flu season in nearly a decade. The Centers for Disease Control has now issued disturbing reports including a marathon-running mother of three who contracted the flu and died within two days and a …

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stuff review

Personal Care Savannah Bee Honey Lotion We know there are a lot of lotions out there. This is one we recommend. Savannah Bee Honey Lotion is available in three scents: Lemongrass Spearmint, Orange Blossom, and Tupelo Honey, and also in an unscented version. All body lotions contain aloe vera, coconut oil and honey to nourish …

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