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Price Transparency In Healthcare Now Mandated

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Ketamine For Depression

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Questions About Grief That People Are Scared to Ask

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How to get on the offensive when it comes to overeating Written by Michael Richardson Holiday memories are great—except for the ones that remain in your love handles. The holidays are about family, fun and food, and we shun anything that tries to take away from those joys. But we also worry about our weight …

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dessert sugary

Recent studies conclude that high glucose levels can negatively affect memory and impair cognition. One study of more than 4,200 people, conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, found that those who consumed more sugary drinks had poorer memory and reduced overall brain volume, particularly in the area of the brain that stores short-term …

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If you were in conversation with grief what would you ask? What would you be curious about? Grief shows up in ways that we cannot imagine. It likes to grab you, hold you, and sometimes, if you’re not careful, keep you in its grip. Yes, when you meet grief, identify it as grief; you have …

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Bureaucracy healthcare

By Robert E. Grant, CONCIERGE KEY Health Founder and CEO The history of the U.S. government meddling in healthcare is long, dating back at least as far as the early 1900s, when special interest groups began lobbying politicians to reduce competition and increase favorable legislation. Since then, the U.S. healthcare sector has been subject to …

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knee replacement

Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is one of the most reliable operations for patients with end-stage knee diseases, research shows. When anti-inflammatory medications and other treatment options don’t suffice, knee surgery provides a excellent solution. There are about 700,000 knee replacement procedures performed annually in the United States, and that number is expected to 3.48 million …

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Written by Jane Nelsen, EdD; Joy Marchese, MA, CPDT, and Kristina Bill One problem with praise and rewards is that they work. Not only that; kids love both, and will often behave better to receive them. Yikes! But hang on, what are our children learning long-term? They are learning to “behave” well to receive validation …

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obesity pharmacotherapy

Once someone chooses to lose weight, the thought of losing the most weight in the shortest period is often the expectation. It may or may not be realistic, and the motivation may be different for each individual, but overall the common request from my patient is this: “Doctor, what is the magic pill?” My experience …

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helping addicts

One of the hardest situations that a family can face is having a loved one suffering from addiction. Families face a huge dilemma, in which they want to show love and support for their suffering loved one, but that loved one isn’t getting better and often seems to be getting worse. The question families need …

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Boredom Is a Rousing Issue After All Everybody has experienced boredom— an uninteresting class, a long drive, or a monotonous workday can easily incite those feelings of apathy and disinterest. But boredom comes in varying shapes and sizes, and so do boredom’s consequences. What causes feelings of boredom? According to Psychology Today, a novel experience …

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CBD hemp

Cannabis just can’t seem to stay out of the news, but despite the attention, misperception still clouds around the plant. Many hear words like “hemp” and “marijuana” and “cannabis” and assume they are all the same thing. Others argue about potential health benefits of each. From those advocating a particular valuable component of cannabis comes …

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