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The Power of Expression: Art and the Mind

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Cancer Screenings: Pros and Cons

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5 Germiest Places at School

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By Dr. Rachot Vacharothone, Owner of Medallus Medical A Brief History The practice of prepaying for medical care initially involved prepayment directly to doctors and hospitals for whatever limited services they could provide. Then it quickly transformed to prepaying a third-party administrator—a middleman—instead. This allowed members to access larger health systems and more facilities. This was the birth …

Does lumosity work

Written by Linsy Hunsaker We all like the idea of brain-training games; we want to play an app on our phone that makes us smarter. But the truth isn’t as glamorous as the commercials lead us to believe. A recent study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that brain-training games might help people perform specific …

Antibiotic Resistance

The White House released an executive order recently calling antibiotic resistance a threat to national security, and declaring their commitment to fighting the problem, sometimes called Superbugs. Antiobiotic Misuse There are multiple reasons why certain strains of illness become resistant to common medication, according to the World Health Organization. “The evolution of resistant strains is …