Jump Rope Circuit

jump rope circuit workout

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Jumpstart Your Fitness

Note: Some model of a speed or fitness jump rope is best for this circuit, meaning a thin jump rope that allows for quick rotation. Using your child’s princess jump rope might work, but it won’t be as fun.

Total Time, 2 Circuits: 30 Minutes

Slow Skip Warm Up: 2 Minutes

Normal, two-footed jump rope, medium pace. Most people will do a half jump in between each skip to maintain rhythm.

High Knee Skips: 1 Minute

This will be a running motion, but exaggerate the knee movement a bit to bring the leg higher. Unless you’re a pro, you’ll probably snag your toe with the rope during this portion of the circuit, at least once. Get back into a rhythm quickly to keep heart rate up!

Speed Skip: 1 Minute

As fast as you can skip, with no half jump in between rotations.

Push Up & Crawls: 10 Reps

Lay the jump rope down in a straight line, and get in a push up position parallel to the line. Complete a pushup motion, and then move on your hands and toes to the other side of line. Complete another push up. That is one rep.

Slow Skip: 2 Minutes

This is an interval jump rope circuit, meaning there are periods of lower intensity and higher intensity. The slow skip is the lower intensity portion. It keeps your heart rate up, while giving you a slight break.

Speed Skip: 1 Minute

As fast as you can skip, with no half jump in between rotations.

One Foot Skip: 1 Minute Each Foot

Balance on one foot and skip. If this proves a little too difficult, lay the rope on the ground and jump back and forth over it on one foot, and then the other.

Slow Skip Cooldown: 2 Minutes

By this time in the circuit you should have a feel for the rhythm of the rope. Focus on going the whole two minutes without a mistake.

End circuit. Take a 2 minute break and repeat the circuit.

Why Jump Rope?

Better coordination and stamina are two of the biggest benefits of jumping rope. It can also be a great part of agility training. For others, it’s simply a great stress reliever. Because it requires concentration, jumping rope can really clear the mind of all other distractions, which is great for your mental health.

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