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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise?

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Q & A With Olivia Harlan

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How to Use a Landmine

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pull up barriers

Why you can’t do a pull-up and how to get there A pull-up requires a variety of muscles. In fact, depending on how the pull-up is done, dozens of muscle groups are activated in the process. But if those muscles aren’t strong enough and if the movement isn’t coordinated, that chin isn’t going to make …

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Written by Brenan Quirante  If you haven’t exercised with the intent of being healthy or losing weight, starting an exercise routine might prove to be difficult. Often times, this happens because your body isn’t used to the amount of physical activity that you’re doing; this makes you feel tired more quickly, which can cause you …

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jump rope circuit workout

Photo credit: Savanna Sorensen Jumpstart Your Fitness Note: Some model of a speed or fitness jump rope is best for this circuit, meaning a thin jump rope that allows for quick rotation. Using your child’s princess jump rope might work, but it won’t be as fun. Total Time, 2 Circuits: 30 Minutes Slow Skip Warm …

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overweight fitness tips

Downsize Revival An insanely chipper YouTuber beams at you through your smartphone. “Just 1 more minute of leg raises!” she says with a voice two octaves too high. She’s not even breaking a sweat, effortlessly completing moves like some goddess from Mount Olympus. You try to keep up but collapse in despair, alone with your …

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How to overcome justifications for avoiding physical activity. Written by TOPS Club Inc. Life is hectic. Nothing seems to work. Gym memberships are expensive. There is an endless list of reasons to skip a workout or never begin exercising in the first place. With excuses blurring the benefits, getting fit can be an even bigger …

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Perception Versus Reality at the Gym

5 Gym Related Myths That Need Busting Written by Greg Marshall, The Gym at City Creek, Salt Lake City Getting in shape is hard enough without making things harder for ourselves by buying into certain fitness myths. Many of these myths revolve around the gym. We often psyche ourselves out with stale stereotypes about the gym …

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Not all exercise benefits the brain equally, new research shows Written by Angela Silva The benefits of exercise go far beyond weight loss and muscle gain. You probably already know that your internal organs, specifically your brain, experience significant benefits from regular exercise. Exercise has the potential of neurogenesis occurring in a mature, developed hippocampus …

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Marathon 101

Written by Elise Franks | Brigham Young University Exercise and Wellness Running a marathon or half-marathon for the first time can be a daunting task—especially when you start researching the plethora of training techniques that are out there. But if you just keep these 5 easy keys in mind, you will be on your way …

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Leave basic behind Written by Lauren Turville These burpee alternatives will target muscles that standard burpees do not and hopefully add some variety to this dreaded exercise! Push-Up Jack Burpee Begin as if you are doing a normal burpee, but as you do your push up, spread your legs like you are doing a jumping …

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by John A. Anderson Misconceptions Are Among The Greatest Obstacles For Heart Health Despite decades of medical research and public campaigns to ease the problem, heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States and throughout the Western world.  One of the problems driving heart disease is the messaging, says Robert Thompson, M.D., an …

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