5 Variations to the Classic Burpee


Leave basic behind

Written by Lauren Turville

These burpee alternatives will target muscles that standard burpees do not and hopefully add some variety to this dreaded exercise!

Push-Up Jack Burpee

Begin as if you are doing a normal burpee, but as you do your push up, spread your legs like you are doing a jumping jack. As you return to jumping position, bring your feet back together and finish your burpee as normal.

Star Jump Burpee

This variation is much like the standard burpee, but instead of jumping straight up, jump into a star position (arms and legs spread away from body). Finish burpee push-up as normal.

Single Leg Push-Up Burpee

Begin with a standard burpee jump. As you descend into push-up position, raise one leg in the air, complete your push-up, and return to jumping position. Be sure to keep correct form in your push-up. Alternate legs with each rep.

Mountain Climber Burpee

First complete the standard burpee jump. Proceed to push-up position but instead of completing a push-up, perform a mountain climber (one knee up to the chest), alternating each leg 2 times. Return to start position and repeat.

Box Burpee

Be prepared with a step, box, or ledge. In this variation, instead of completing a normal jump up and down, jump onto your box or step. As you jump back down, complete your push-up and repeat. As you are jumping, be sure to keep your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.

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