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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise?

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Q & A With Olivia Harlan

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How to Use a Landmine

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Why our gym membership cards end up staying in our wallets Written by Caitlin Schille Raise your hand if you’ve ever paid for a gym membership and neglected to actually use it. Those with their hands raised, have you ever wondered why we do this? Let’s examine this frustrating phenomenon. As it turns out, you’re …

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box jump exercise

Box jumps are a bit of a athletic status symbol, with professional athletes or otherwise very fit people posting videos of themselves leaping like gazelles straight up onto chest-high platforms. These flat-footed rocket launches are incredible feats, no doubt. But determining their worth for the average gym-goer is a little harder to nail down. What Box Jumps …

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Written by Angela Silva When you change the way you think about exercise to a matter of functionality rather than physique, you start to realize the importance of some very basic moves you were taught at a young age. Let’s think about it for a minute: what are some regular “exercises” that are part of …

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sprint workout

If you’re trying to lose weight, these workout errors can hurt your progress. > Only doing one type of workout. If you do the same exercise a hundred times, you’ll get cardiovascular benefits, assuming you’re exerting yourself. But as the body builds tolerance to the workout, it will learn how to expend fewer calories to perform …

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staying fit

Written by Greg Marshall, Fiture Metamorphosis In today’s high paced world, stress is a serious problem that requires proactive steps to alleviate, so life can be lived at the highest level. What I want to do is share the best ways to work out to reduce stress. #1 Compound Exercises The first strategy to focus …

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Sure, you will have a lot of excuses when it is time for you to do your exercise, you may say, busy schedule, tired, sleepy and other excuses that you can think of, but would you excuse yourself from it after knowing that exercise can help you not just feel but look younger? Exercise can …

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morning exercise

A morning workout routine that will help you kick the snot out of your day Stop the alarm, flip on a light, and do this workout to get your day started right. Morning workouts should ease into movement, so this workout is designed around easing into your range of motion, leading to some cardio and …

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rowing workout

Stuck inside and sick of the treadmill? Try the row machine. Why rows? Excellent for the back, which is often neglected. Low impact cardio, which is great for the middle-aged. Works the whole body, which is always a good thing. For a simple cardio workout, just hop on the row machine for 10-20 minutes. A …

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body squat

How to do squats successfully Written by Greg Marshall, The GYM at City Creek When it comes exercising and strengthening the body, there are few exercises that can compare to the squat. Squats help build up the quadriceps and hamstrings, otherwise known as your legs. Squats also help to strengthen your core. The first thing …

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post workout soreness

A guide to after-workout soreness Written by Healthy Magazine Staff A good workout means you’ll feel it the day after, right? Yes and no. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) does mean that you taxed your muscles. And whether we like it or not, it is the only way to get significantly stronger. There is, however, …

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