29 Reasons You Need To Bike to Work

1. Getting the blood pumping helps with concentration. This is because the brain needs oxygen and cycling boosts blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Research shows that exercise can help keep your brain healthy.

2. Breathing in the fresh air does a body good—many studies show that just being in nature revitalizes a tired or stressed person.

3. The benefits outweigh the risk of an accident. The Environmental Health Perspectives conducted one of the largest studies to date on cycling health and found that even though many people think that cyclists have a higher exposure to air pollution and are more likely to be hurt in an accident, the opposite is true. They found that “the benefits outweigh the risks.”

4. Your heart will get stronger, and a stronger heart means a less likely chance of heart disease.

5. It is easy on your joints. Even if you have bad knees you can bike. Even so, proper bike fit is key to not developing cycling-caused knee injuries.

6. You will save a lot of money on gas. No one likes filling up that thirsty tank.

7. You will save money on oil changes, car washes, tires, insurance, maintenance, etc. The average cost of owning a bicycle is $308 a year, and a car costs more than $8,000 a year, when you factor in depreciation, along with fuel, maintenance, registration fees, etc., according to Consumer Reports.

8. You can lose weight. Someone who weighs 190 pounds cycling at 12-14 mph will burn about 700 calories in an hour.

9. Lacking the time to exercise is no longer a valid excuse. Your exercise is now very functional.

10. It’s a versatile workout option. On a bike you can bulk up, get toned, or just focus on your heart by the way you ride. You can easily target different heart zones to achieve a wide variety of goals such as endurance, speed, losing weight, building muscle, etc.

11. With a bike it is much easier to park, and most businesses don’t mind if you bring your bike in the office so it doesn’t get stolen or rained on.

12. Rush hour traffic will be a thing of the past, especially if you can find a bike-specific trail for most of the way to work.

13. You will save money on health care because you will be healthier.

14. More sunshine means you will be happier because you will more easily maintain high serotonin levels.

15. You are more likely to get a head injury in a car than on a bike.

16. Cycling improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

17. It is very satisfying getting to work on your own sweat. You will start the day having already succeeded at something. Track your progress and stay motivated with free apps, like Strava and Cyclemeter.

18. Wearing spandex has never been more fashionable. It’s an excuse to show off your figure.

19. A report from the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School explains that daily commuters who stopped driving to work and started walking or riding a bike were under less stress and were able to concentrate better.

20. Biking to work could help you sleep better at night. A study by the Sleep Foundation found that “150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week provided a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality.”

21. Biking takes you new places. If you live really close to work you can leave a bit early and explore new places around your home.

22. You can tell your children when they complain about not having a car that you bike to work.

23. It is a great hobby to meet new friends. As you are biking, offer to let someone ride behind you—it decreases wind resistance and you will both get there quicker.

24. You can meditate on your way to work. Meditation is all about reflection, and deep, steady breathing is integral to the process. This is very easy to do on a bike because the act of biking forces your heart and breathing to be very steady and regular.

25. Your co-workers will be very jealous about how fit you are.

26. If you live in a city, cycling is sometimes faster than driving.

27. Cycling helps that pesky writer’s block and can help anyone be more creative.

28. You will be happier if only because of all the endorphins (feel-good chemicals in your brain) released. So even if you are biking to a place you hate, you get a legal high.

29. If you have headphones you can listen to an audiobook or something inspirational while you pedal. Just make sure you only have one earbud in, preferably the right side, so you can hear cars and other cyclists.


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