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5 Myths About Having a Baby

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Why Exercise Doesn’t Always Lead to Weight Loss

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Is Meditation Overrated?

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cottonwood trees wade richardson

Painting Credit: Wade Richardson How art is connected with wellbeing Humans are drawn to different forms of expression, even as infants. Most children spend countless hours with crayons, even toddlers love to dance, and many can’t help but sing. It is within our nature to be have interest in the arts of expression, which is …

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cancer screening risks

The medical world has made tremendous progress in cancer screenings and prevention. It is important for everyone, men and women alike, to understand their risk factors for certain types of cancer, and to be tested appropriately. There are sometimes different screening methods for each type of cancer and risks and benefits associated with each. Here …

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It sounds like a hip new video game, but the omega-6 controversy is actually part of every American’s daily life. At the root of the issue is the United States’ drastic dietary turn that happened about 65 years ago, which left us with nutritional excesses and deficiencies that altered the national health landscape. The Background …

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suicide prevention

What you need to know about a leading killer in America Globally, more than 800,000 take their own lives each year. About 40,000 people in America commit suicide each year, and prevalence has been growing since 2000. It is now the 10th leading causing of death in America, yet there still persists a lack of …

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Kin No More Written by Dr. Sherrie Campbell Cutting ties with family members is one of the hardest decisions we may face in life because we are conditioned to believe that to terminate relationships with family is morally and inherently wrong. The fact is that family members are sometimes people we’d never allow in our …

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Antibiotics and obesity

Antibiotics and Obesity While antibiotics may play a part in the development of obesity, it probably isn’t a big enough factor to forego the benefits of antibiotics. Written by Caitlin Schille As obesity rates rise, particularly in children, the medical community has become increasingly aware of its negative health effects. Because of obesity’s myriad consequences, …

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Developing Mental Toughness

A Resilient Mind: Can you roll with the punches and bounce back? Water buoys are defiant by nature. Try to sink them, and they won’t be drowned, be it by swimmers, boats or enormous waves. Embracing the resilient nature of a buoy is a process of decades or maybe a lifetime for us humans. Resilience …

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Does lumosity work

Written by Linsy Hunsaker We all like the idea of brain-training games; we want to play an app on our phone that makes us smarter. But the truth isn’t as glamorous as the commercials lead us to believe. A recent study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that brain-training games might help people perform specific …

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doctor payment issues

Our system for paying medical professionals is broken, and patients foot the bill American healthcare is an enormous tangled knot made over decades, and one strand that must be untied before quality and affordability improve is how America pays its doctors. The problem is right in our face and in our wallets. Consider the following. • …

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kitchen cleanliness guide

Would the government let people eat in your home if you were a restaurant? By Angela Silva You feel a sense of pride after finishing a home-cooked meal that leaves your family finger-licking and asking for more. You enjoy teaching your kids how to bake and cook, and sometimes letting them experiment on their own. …

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