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Putting a Cap on Bottled Water

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Sometimes life requires that you simply put your head down, go to work, and just keep on keepin’ on. (So to speak.) It’s not necessarily that you’re on the wrong path, it’s just that the path is a little steep, a bit rocky, and we just need to keep moving and find our rhythm. That’s …

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It may be legal, but it might not be safe Written by Caitlin Schille   Pregnancy can be accompanied by pain, nausea, anxiety and other symptoms, and some women find relief through marijuana, despite some red flags from research on the effects to the baby. A recent federal survey found that the numbers of pregnant …

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How to use free time well, and how people waste it Free time is a gift. And just like a gift of money, we can squander it, invest it or create something meaningful with it. Here’s some inspiration for how to best use your free time, whether the time was unexpected or circled on the …

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tips for good mornings

It’s hard to have a good day without a good morning, and it’s hard to have a good morning without setting the stage the night before. Part of what makes mornings so hard is having a wave of responsibilities hit as soon as your eyelids open. The goal for the night before is to make …

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transformer pickup lines

February has us thinking about love and relationships, which got us thinking about terrible pick up lines that we’ve heard/experienced. Some truly make us want to vomit. It’s handy that I have my library card because I’m totally checking you out. Did it hurt? (did what hurt) When you fell from heaven? [Best comeback-”Did you …

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kids need more recess

Written by Angela Silva Do your children ever struggle to focus on homework? Do they often get distracted when sitting for long periods of time? Do they ever seem to have trouble remembering things, or despite seeming to remember things they still performs poorly on tests? Parents who answered “yes” to any of those questions …

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princess superhero kids

Disney princesses and the flood of recent superheroes might be teaching our children lessons we don’t want them to learn. Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) recently completed a study which showed that 4–year–olds remember the aggression of superhero movies, but not the reasons behind the aggression. Furthermore, study authors found that the “preschooler’s engagement …

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cheap recipes

How to Cook Cheap and Healthy Cooking at home really is the key to saving money and eating healthier. It may take a little bit of planning and some determination, but I promise it will pay off in the long run! The key is to find some staple food items that are diverse and nutritious …

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staying fit

Written by Greg Marshall, Fiture Metamorphosis In today’s high paced world, stress is a serious problem that requires proactive steps to alleviate, so life can be lived at the highest level. What I want to do is share the best ways to work out to reduce stress. #1 Compound Exercises The first strategy to focus …

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Written by Bridget Edwards If you got laid off from your job, would you be sad or relieved? Sure, not having income is worrisome, but this is an important question to ask about something that takes up a tremendous amount of our lives. For most people, jobs provide a standard routine. Odds are the next …

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