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Child chores

Written by Caitlin Schille Most of us can easily recall the days of childhood chores. Maybe your family had a chore chart or chore wheel. Maybe chores were used as a form of punishment—in my family, the threat of weeding the ivy growing over the rock wall in our backyard was enough to correct any …

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Written by Angela Silva Happiness attracts happiness. Beauty attracts beauty. There is a very real, almost magnetic phenomenon in life that draws us toward goodness. Just think about it – we all know those people that we love being around, who just make us feel incredible and important. They make us forget about our problems …

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overcoming fears

Life is scary! Here are three common fears everyone has and proven ways to overcome them. Fear of Failure Set new goals A common cause for fear of failure is creating unrealistic goals. Try reworking your goals to allow room for improvement or growth. If you leave space in your goal to learn something new, …

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workspace health

It’s time to start thinking differently about happiness What makes a person happy is surprisingly elusive information. It’s often something we think we know, but in the end we realize our formula was incorrect. That formula is the life work of positive psychology expert Shawn Achor. He started thinking differently about happiness when he came …

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alcohol cooking evaporates

“Some foods contain fewer calories than it takes to digest it.” Also called “negative calorie” foods, many mistakenly believe foods like celery, grapefruit, apples, and lettuce provide net calorie loss. This is not true. A stalk of celery, for example, provides 6 calories, but the body only uses a half of a calorie to digest …

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By Christie Garton, CEO and Founder of the 1,000 Dreams Fund For better or worse, our iPhones are glued to our hands. And while endlessly scrolling through Facebook will never (ever) be productive, there are plenty of apps that are not only useful, but even life-changing. Trendy apps come and go – new data shows …

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In one of Aesop’s more familiar fables, a proud town mouse visits a country mouse and scoffs at the simple food and housing. The town mouse brings his country mouse friend to experience the finer city living, but the country mouse is horrified to find that the fine life requires mortal danger. He eventually goes …

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Why You Shouldn’t Halfway Try to Do Things Written by Angela Silva If advances in technology are supposed to simplify our lives, why do we seem busier than ever? Perhaps we subconsciously fill in the gaps of time and energy when they appear with more activities, work, projects, or hobbies, keeping us ever in the …

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photo phone tips

Written by Angela Silva For the average person, photos serve a specific purpose: to capture memories. To help us remember how we looked, how we felt, how we lived, and we interacted with the world around us. Stop and think about the things you want to remember about your life right now, the things you …

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spring clean dusting citrus DIY

DIY Spring Cleaning: Homemade Cleaner, Better Tactics, and Dust Ci-trusty DIY Spring Cleaner 1. Fill a glass, air-tight container with orange peels, and sprinkle some salt on top. 2. Fill the container with white vinegar. 3. Seal the container, and let it sit for 2-3 weeks in a cool, dark location. 4. Strain out the …

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