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That Time of the Month: Everything Women Need to Know About Exercising on Their Period

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Cancer Screenings: Pros and Cons

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exercise outdoors

A fitness conundrum Written by Sadie Wirthlin A monthly period can have a great effect on a woman’s body and how she feels. Suffering from severe menstrual cramps, headaches, and fatigue are just a few of the symptoms that may make a woman want to curl up in the fetal position and not move. Exercise …

cancer screening risks

The medical world has made tremendous progress in cancer screenings and prevention. It is important for everyone, men and women alike, to understand their risk factors for certain types of cancer, and to be tested appropriately. There are sometimes different screening methods for each type of cancer and risks and benefits associated with each. Here …

beauty paradigm

The pressure of living up to society’s expectations of beauty is real and a widespread epidemic. It doesn’t matter if they are stay-at-home moms in their 40s or 20-something runway models—it’s irrefutably apparent that every single woman, at some point, struggles with accepting her physical appearance, overcoming self-doubt and feeling comfortable in her own skin, …

gender differences

Cooties and Cooperation Written by Michael Richardson  Women are bad at driving and too emotional. Men are angry and lazy. Stereotypes like these and many more persist in our culture today, even though science tells another story. With both biological and societal roots, gender dissimilarities do exist, but they often don’t follow society’s stereotypes, and …