Manstyle: The Seven Pairs of Shoes Every Guy Should Have

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Brown Business Shoes

These shoes should look okay with a suit, and not out of place with jeans either. These are your workhorses.

Black Formal Shoes

These should impress, and demand respect.

Semi-Formal Boots

For colder weather, snow, and rain, you need shoes that won’t sacrifice the rest of your outfit.

Semi-Casual Loafers

These can be made from fabric, but won’t have any logos. They look less formal than what you’d wear to church, and are more comfortable. They are okay for some work settings, but a mostly for any occasion where you want to look nice, but not too nice.

Off-Duty Sneakers

These can be rubber-soled, plain, and ready to get dirty. But they can also look good for casual get-togethers with friends.

Workout Sneakers

Too many people use any old pair of tennis shoes for working out, which is sometimes okay. But having good support can be very important for lifting workouts. And trashy shoes can be limiting. Get some quality cross-trainers, so you can do whatever you want when the exercise urge hits.

Casual Slip-Ons

Perfect for a lazy Saturday, these shoes will probably be your go-to around the house footwear, and great for your days off.

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