Happy New Hair

Harsh wind and frosty air is coming at you. Save your hair this winter by following some of our favorite tips:


  • Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. This may reduce bed head, split ends, and helps hair retain moisture
  • Use a humidifier when you sleep, to help your hair trap moisture and fight static.
  • Air dry once in a while!
  • Avoid the hottest setting on the dryer.
  • You should only be shampooing 3 times a week, less often if your hair is dry. If you NEED to do something, rinse the scalp with water and condition the ends only.


  • Squeeze-dry hair: use a paper towel to wring water from your hair to prevent frizz.
  • Pull your hair into a ponytail and drench it with coconut oil. Wrap it in a plastic baggy overnight and wash in the morning for smooth, tame hair.
  • For a better hold, spray bobby pins with hairspray or dry shampoo before putting them in your hair.
  • Brush your hair before showering to prevent tangles and clogged drains.
  • Use a dryer sheet to reduce static. Run the sheet on your brushes and combs, and your especially stubborn hairs.
  • Hold the hair dryer 6-8 inches away from hair. Point airflow down on the hair shaft to prevent frizz.

Sources: more.com, instyle.com, elle.com, stylecraze.com

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