5 Apps for the Pregnant Mommy-On-The-Go

Written by Krista Bowen

Whether you are a first-time parent or you’ve been driving a minivan for years, pregnancy can be a stressful nine months. Luckily, technology is working hard to lend a hand through pregnancy apps that help you stay organized, happy, and healthy.

But not every app fits what you need. Some parents want as much help and tips as they can get, while others have built their knowledge and want to share. Some love to take pictures and others just want to keep track of kicks and contractions. With support, tips, trackers, and pictures you can love growing your bundle of joy.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite pregnancy apps:

What to Expect:

Available for Android and iPhone
Love the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, but don’t want to lug it around with you? Did you know you can get the popular tips on your phone with the “What to Expect” app? Patterned after the popular blog, this app does more than give helpful information; It also creates an online community of mothers that can ask and answer questions and give support.

In a Healthy Magazine survey, “What to Expect” was the most popular app. One user said, “Being a first time mom, I wanted to be very involved and educated about my baby’s development. The app provided a short snapshot of where I was in my pregnancy and what to expect. The apps were also helpful to get information without having to surf the web every time.”

The app also helps you every step of the way with pictures and videos about what stage your pregnancy is at. You can organize a photo journal, keep track of what tests and screenings you need, and even register for baby stuff all in the app.

Baby Center:

Available for Android and iPhone
With a large selection of tools, “Baby Center” is a parent favorite for all stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. With a “Birth Club” for sharing and discussion, you will have extra support from a community. You can create a slideshow of bump selfies or “Bumpies” as well, to save memories of your growing child all in one place.

Keeping up with what is safe for pregnancy is easy with their category lists outlining what you need to know. You can also keep track of your baby’s kicks, find out what you need to register for, and look up baby names so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

“Baby Center” also helps you prepare for the big day with birth class videos, a place to write down your birth preferences, and a contraction counter.

The Bump:

Available for Android and iPhone
Your stomach is growing everyday, but what is actually going on in there? If you want to picture your baby growing without a sonogram everyday, you can open “The Bump.” This app will compare the size of your baby to the size of different foods (a survey favorite feature, with 94% of woman wanting to know their baby’s size). So, at three weeks your baby is the size a chia seed, but 40 weeks later your baby is more like the size of a watermelon.

Chronicle your growing belly by saving photos in app. The app also explains what your body is going through each week, detailing the health problems and changes you will see and feel.

“The Bump” allows you to ask and answer questions about pregnancy that can be answered by other moms or the experts they have on staff. In app links to popular baby registries can be used to prepare for your little baby.

Full Term:

Available for Android and iPhone
Do you like staying organized, but don’t need all the bells and whistles that the other apps offer? “Full Term” is a great, simple app for keeping track of contractions, baby kicks, and your weight. The built in timer allows you to see the average duration and frequency of your contractions, so you can feel more organized when they start coming.

With a quick reference guide, you can learn more about prenatal care, labor, delivery, and postnatal care as well.

Who’s Your Daddy?:

Available for Android and iPhone
Alright dads-to-be, we haven’t forgotten about you and neither have app creators. While a lot of focus during these nine months is put on the mom, “Who’s Your Daddy?” is a great app created just for you.

This app uses humor and great tips to ease you through the long nine months. It has a built in timeline of important events, and helps prepare you for what your wife is and will be going through.

With helpful tools like a hospital bag packing list, to-do list and contraction counter, you will have help getting ready for that day when your baby is ready to come out.

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