Girl Code No-No’s

Mistakes guys make with the ladies

Written by Michael Richardson |

Communication: Foot in the Mouth

Mistaking the Purpose of Conversation

While men generally like conversation to have a clear purpose, a woman will often use conversation to discover how she is feeling or to release negative feelings. These talks might seem pointless to a man, but to a woman, it is a way to build intimacy and bond with a person she cares about.

Giving Unwanted Advice

When a woman opens up about an issue, it isn’t always because she wants advice. She’s just working through her problems, and talking is key to helping find some peace. Don’t jut in with advice. Instead, listen patiently. Sometimes, she just needs to know that you comprehend her issues.

  • Trying to Define the Relationship Too Soon
  • Don’t jump the gun with a “so what are we?” This can make future conversations awkward and unnatural. She may even get scared off.
  • Using Cliché, Boring Phrases to Describe Yourself
  • “I love to laugh” — You and every other human.
  • “I love traveling” — So generic. Say “I love (specific location).”
  • “I love long walks on the beach” — This is about as attractive as a used car advertisement.

Behavior: Don’t Goof It Up

Being Overly Nice 

Don’t act like a saint, because she probably won’t buy it. Gentlemen are kind, but they won’t be walked on, and everyone knows it. Demand respect. On this note, make decisions together. Don’t give up your power in the relationship. It’s unattractive.

Seeking Her Approval

Women love attention, but if they sense you are doing things not out of deep feelings, but just for approval, she’ll hate it. 

Relying On Money

Too often, men drop serious coin only when they feel like something is wrong in the relationship. Wake up call—money is never going to fix the issue. Other men feel some obligation to spend money on a girl. Remember how lame it feels when someone does something nice for you because they have to.

Relying Too Much On Looks

For guys, seeing a beautiful girl sparks feelings of attraction. But for women, attraction comes as a combination of good communication, body language and looks. No matter how suave you look, conversation can spoil everything. Or make it perfect.

You Play the Wrong Music

But you love that song, right? If the time does come when playing music is okay, let her pick, or pick something you think she’ll know. Remember, music in general is probably a bad choice since you’re on a date to get to know one another. Don’t annoy your date with obscure music that kills conversation.

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