How to Cheat on Your Diet–Vacation Style

How to Cheat on Your Diet

Three tips for staying thin while having fun.

Written by Linsy Hunsaker |

We all want to look good in our bathing suits, but vacation can be the biggest temptation yet. Watching everyone else indulge in ice cream on the beach or hamburgers by the pool is anything but relaxing. So here are a few ways to party hard and still smile at your reflection.

1. Plan Dessert

Nutritionist Marissa Lippert, author of The Cheaters Diet, warns against cutting out sweets completely. Instead of impromptu ice cream sandwiches and soda with every meal, however, focus on quality. Plan two treats a week—they should be small, but fabulous.

2. Party Smart

Even if you don’t vacation, chances are you’ll attend a barbeque or two this summer. And if you’re not prepared, it could mark the end of your diet. Of course, bring your own side—but don’t cut out everything fun. Lippert suggests scanning the buffet table and being strategic about your splurges. Choose one or two of your faves—dibs on the bean dip—and then walk away. Don’t let your indulgences control you.

3. Play Frisbee

Exercise not only counteracts the effects of your splurges, but gets your mind off of that chocolate cake in the fridge. If you’re at a party, gather everyone for a game of frisbee or a walk along the beach. And if you’re alone, go for that midnight swim you’ve always wanted to or just turn on some music and dance. Once you get those endorphins going, you won’t even remember what kind of cake it was.

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