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Food We Can Rely On: Snack Reviews

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We’ve Got Some Meatsplaining to Do

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Produce Doesn’t Really Look Like That

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snack and drink guide

Sometimes it’s hard to trust food these days, with questionable ingredients lurking about. So we’ve created Healthy Magazine’s food guide. Snacks Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze (Healthy Magazine Favorite) Whole grain, gluten free oats and fruit make these portable snacks a delicious and healthy option. Our favorite flavors are apple quinoa cinnamon and maple pear …

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What they are and why you need them By Franz Gliederer, MD, MPH and Joy Stephenson-Laws, JD (Proactive Health Labs)     Iron, chromium, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, magnesium, selenium— are we talking about science class or my dinner? Not many of us read cereal boxes and think, “great, I’m getting some zinc today.” What do …

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Written by Angela Silva The food industry is a big business, and like any other industry, it operates to experience growth and please stockholders. But growth in the food industry translates to consumers spending more money, which means eating more food, in larger portions, more often. Here are some of the latest ways the food industry has been convincing us …

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Grabbing something quick at the nearest place may be tasty, and may even seem healthy, but here are some wrong choices and their better alternative. Jamba Juice  Peanut Butter Moo’d (Large) Calories: 980 Total Fat: 29 grams Health Swap: Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie
(Large) Calories: 310 Total Fat: 1 gram Vitamin A (daily value): 720% Vitamin C (daily value): 170% Starbucks …

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Written by Tina Homolik  With summer right around the corner, everyone is looking forward to some barbeque heaven. Warm weather and good company are only made better by a juicy hot dog or hamburger right off the grill. Before enjoying the wonders of grilled meat, however, you must brave a tidal wave of meat options with their confusing labels, like “farm-raised,” “organic,” and “free-range.” Inevitably, consumers wonder if they …

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ugly produce

Why we demand and create beautiful produce, and why some people are fighting for ugly fruit and vegetables. Photo Source (right picture): Perfectly Imperfect Produce, an “ugly” produce seller in Cleveland Written by Michael Richardson We love it when fruit in the grocery store looks beautiful, and when each piece looks like the one next …

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Sugar Addiction

Written by Emily Rollins Everybody loves the taste of an ice cold Coke at a summer barbecue. And who can resist a warm, flakey donut on their way to work? Let’s face it, as Americans, we love our fizzy sodas and our Krispy Kreme’s, but the health consequences resulting from our high-sugar diet may not …

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grocery shopping guide

Relearn how to grocery shop Written by Angela Silva You may think grocery shopping is just part of your routine, that you know what you’re doing each and every time you enter that giant pantry of endless culinary concoctions. But a grocery store is more like a board game, and every section, display, and worker …

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kind of healthy chocolate

They’re not exactly a healthy snack to rely on every day, but better for you than a Snickers. And they taste great. Pascha Chocolate can be a hazard for kids with food allergies. The creators of Pascha set out to make pure, safe chocolate, nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free. Antidote Mango + Juniper, Almond + Fennel, and …

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soylent meal replacement

Written by Caitlin Schille It seems that Americans love a food and diet trend. From the low-fat craze of the 90s to the Whole30 trend of today, we are always searching for the next new food fad. But this one just seems different. Enter Soylent. Soylent is a brand of meal replacement drinks and powders …

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