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We’ve Got Some Meatsplaining to Do

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The Psychology of a Restaurant Menu

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How to Cheat on Your Diet–Vacation Style

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By Caitlin Schille Water fluoridation is a hotly contested topic in contemporary Western society. Lauded by some as one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century, other fringe groups blame it for rising ADHD rates and cite it as a cause of cancer. While water fluoridation certainly has clear oral health benefits, …

It sounds like a hip new video game, but the omega-6 controversy is actually part of every American’s daily life. At the root of the issue is the United States’ drastic dietary turn that happened about 65 years ago, which left us with nutritional excesses and deficiencies that altered the national health landscape. The Background …

Nutrition tips

Mineral deficiencies are responsible for a host of health problems, which are incorrectly treated by drugs. Some say we should be ingesting certain amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent disease, like osteoporosis. Robert Thompson, M.D. says these recommendations might actually lead to serious health problems. He offers these suggestions for Americans to take charge of …

butternut scones recipe

soy-free, oil-free option, gluten-free option Makes 12 Scones These scones are only slightly sweet so they are just as great with a soup or salad as they are as a delicious breakfast. If you’d like them sweeter, make a glaze by adding a few drops of maple syrup to ¼ cup (60 g) powdered sugar. …

coconut water facts and fiction

The truths and myths behind all the coconut water buzz Lately it seems that everyone is nuts for coconuts—coconut water that is. From celebrity endorsements to the “mother nature’s sports drink” nickname, coconut water is falling off the shelves around the nation. So what’s all the hype about? Coconut water is said to be low …


A surprisingly close battle Source:

Healthy Magazine

Should you eat before a workout or not? Written by Taylor Smith | Healthy Magazine Anyone who visits the gym regularly has experienced that age-old dilemma—should I eat something right before I go workout? There seems to be two camps of divided opinion regarding this question. One camp says, no way. The other says, go …