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3 of Your Biggest Fears and How to Beat Them 

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overcoming fears

Life is scary! Here are three common fears everyone has and proven ways to overcome them. Fear of Failure Set new goals A common cause for fear of failure is creating unrealistic goals. Try reworking your goals to allow room for improvement or growth. If you leave space in your goal to learn something new, …

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smartphone separation anxiety

A new study confirms this is a real thing Written by Caitlin Schille  In the modern world, millions of people own smartphones. A smartphone not only takes phone calls and text messages, but it also has capabilities for email, GPS, and a myriad of other functions. As such, people have developed quite a dependence on …

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Anxiety has a bad reputation. But it is your friend. Written by Mary C. Lamia, OH.D. Anxiety has a bad reputation and often people seek ways to get rid of it with medication, stress reduction exercises or warm baths. Sure, anxiety can be extreme and is often the culprit behind obsessive-compulsive behaviors, attention problems or, …

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When Panic, Fear, and Worries Overwhelm Anxiety, panic disorder, fear.  Many of us worry from time to time. We fret over finances, feel anxious about job interviews, or get nervous about social gatherings. These feelings can be normal or even helpful. They may give us a boost of energy or help us focus. But for …

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