Easter Egg Hacks

By MotivHealth

There are few holiday festivities as tedious as dyeing Easter eggs, but Easter just doesn’t look quite right without them. Check out the hacks below to eliminate your Easter egg mess and create cooler, eye-catching designs this year.

1. Add Baking Soda to Boiling Water

Adding a little baking soda to the water you boil your eggs in will make them easier to peel. The easier your eggs are to peel, the less likely they’ll go to waste.

2. Add Salt to Boiling Water

Adding salt to the water you boil your eggs is a simple way to give their shells a unique, speckled effect.

3. Use a Muffin Tin

No need to use every bowl in the house—dye your eggs in a muffin tin! Pour a different dye color into each mold and clean just one dish at the end of your dyeing session.

4. Dip eggs with a whisk

Eggs don’t balance all that well on spoons, which often leads to disaster if you’re dyeing eggs with small children. Use a whisk instead to hold your egg in place as you lower it into the dye.

5. Create Stripes with Rubber Bands

Maybe you’re bored with solid-colored eggs but don’t want to spend extra time on designs. Gently wrap thick rubber bands around your eggs before lowering them into the dye. This allows for bright white stripes that contrast nicely with vibrant dye.

6. Skip Expensive Store-Bought Dye

You can easily create your own egg dye at home for a fraction of the cost of store-bought dye. Mix a half cup of boiling water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and 10 to 20 drops of food coloring in a cup (or muffin tin) to create the dye. Soak hard-boiled eggs in the dye for at least five minutes.

7. Don’t Limit Yourself to Dye

 Instead of trying to paint special effects onto your eggs with dye, try using temporary tattoos, glitter, stickers, or googly eyes to give your eggs some personality.

8. Embrace Minimalism

Most people don’t have the time to create elaborate egg designs. You can skip dye altogether and simply tie ribbons around your eggs or wrap them in colorful pipe cleaners.

9. Add a New Dimension to Egg Hunts

Five words: glow-in-the-dark eggs. Try out this glow-in-the-dark paint and hold nighttime Easter egg hunts!

10. Who Says You Have to Use Real Eggs?

Skip the egg-boiling process altogether and decorate plastic eggs. You can easily add designs to plastic eggs with permanent markers, craft paint, or even nail polish.


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