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It’s All About the ‘Like’

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Yoga = A Healthy Brain

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The effect social media is having on the adolescent brain Written by Sadie Wirthlin Social media has taken over, and we are living in a screen-to-screen reality. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, over 1 billion people are using some form of social media every day, and a new study reveals the effect it …

How yoga benefits pre-Alzheimer’s cognitive impairment more than memory-boosting exercises Written by Sadie Wirthlin  Mental function can decline as individuals grow older, and studies have shown that exercise like running and weight training can lower the risk of mental deterioration, specifically in cases of developing dementia. A combination of these exercises and meditation has also …

By Jenna Koford Yawns are contagious … at least, that’s what everyone says. Almost everyone will say we yawn to take in extra oxygen when we’re bored or tired; this oxygen-rich deep breath enters our bloodstreams and delivers more air to the body. However, no factual evidence proves this theory. Smithsonian Magazine reported that yawning …