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Recipe Websites That Are Actually Useful Plug in what you have in the cupboard, and Supercook searches the web for relevant recipes. We like how easy it is to use. We like this website just for being an excellent overall recipe center with great pictures. It gets us excited about cooking. It’s also great for those who want to keep recipes seasonal. Find thousands of recipes in an easily-navigated site, and even create a profile to save recipes you like. Foodily is a recipe network for friends. Join to find and share recipes from across the web. We also like how you can search for recipes “without” certain ingredients.

Best Family Games

For Kids

Fire Dragons
2-4 players
Rubies spill out of a mountain and players scramble to roll the right number on the dice to collect the most. It is a cool game design that will intrigue youngsters.

Battle Sheep
2-4 players
This is a quick, simple, addicting strategy game where you move your sheep to get the biggest portion of the playing field. Games only take 15 minutes, which is great for anyone who gets bored easily.

For Everyone

5 Second Rule
3 or more players
You have five seconds to name three things in a category. This game is great for a laugh, and to get people excited.

2-4 players
This is a fast-paced strategy game of card and chip collecting. Gather gems to purchase mines that are worth points.

For Teens and Above

Puerto Rico
3-5 players
Make your island wealthy in this strategy game of changing roles, resource gathering and building.

7 Wonders
2-7 players
Create your own civilization that rules others. The fast-pace progression and the power to build your own way make this an excellent choice for family parties.

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