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Protein 101

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To Snack, or Not to Snack?

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How to Cheat on Your Diet–Vacation Style

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Written by Angela Silva The food industry is a big business, and like any other industry, it operates to experience growth and please stockholders. But growth in the food industry translates to consumers spending more money, which means eating more food, in larger portions, more often. Here are some of the latest ways the food industry has been convincing us …

grocery shopping guide

Relearn how to grocery shop Written by Angela Silva You may think grocery shopping is just part of your routine, that you know what you’re doing each and every time you enter that giant pantry of endless culinary concoctions. But a grocery store is more like a board game, and every section, display, and worker …

Written by Emma Penrod Kitchen cleaning? You might be tempted to purge your pantry. But if you refer exclusively to the package label, you could be wasting food—and money. According to the USDA, the expiration date that might prompt you to throw food away isn’t actually an accurate measure of when food is no longer …