Charif Souki funds $10 million gift to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

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Texas Children’s Hospital launches program to support mental health needs of children following Hurricane Harvey

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Texas Children’s Bad Pants Open

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Couch Shopper: The Best Online Grocery Delivery Services

Concussion Confusion

5 Insomnia Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Fat Shaming – A New Perspective


How Stress Takes Its Toll on Your Brain

Understanding Adult ADHD

Hate the grocery store? Don’t have time to go grocery shopping? Thanks to the many online grocery delivery services offered today, you can now online grocery shop without leaving the comfort of your own home. Instacart, Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Smith’s all offer the convenience of having your groceries brought to you. Through each service, …

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The founder of National Concussion Awareness Day talks about misconceptions surrounding concussions, and some hope for the future. Written by Brooke Mills, founder of National Concussion Awareness Day Two years ago, after struggling from Post-Concussion Syndrome, I founded National Concussion Awareness Day. In my journey I saw firsthand the lack of understanding that surrounds mild …

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Written by Emily Rollins Getting a good night’s rest is hard these days, but it shouldn’t have to be. Don’t settle for poor sleep. Instead, use these five hacks to gain control of your insomnia and get ready to wake up as a healthier, happier person! Problem #1: Tense muscles and twitchy legs The hack: …

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Written by Caitlin Schille, MPH Are you familiar with the relatively new term of “fat-shaming?” Fat-shaming is when people try to make others who fall into the categories of overweight and obese feel badly about themselves and about their bodies. Those staunchly against fat-shaming promote overall body positivity— the idea that all people should feel …

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