Texas Children’s Hospital receives grant to continue developing a vaccine for Chagas disease

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Ambassadors for Texas Children’s Hospital annual holiday party filled with both cheer and goodwill

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Charif Souki funds $10 million gift to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

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Adderall is the medication used to treat Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Because Adderall is an FDA-approved drug, you may not realize the dangers associated with it. For example, it contains amphetamine and dextroampthetamine. Other research suggests it may lead to dependency, addictiveness, and cause deterioration of the central nervous system. So, before you introduce your body …

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Written By Sophie Ringer Don’t look now, but the New Year is slowly approaching. Cue the posts on social media and your friends and family talking about resolutions, reflections and a new resolve. Though you may be tempted to think about the failed attempts of yesteryear, don’t! Forget the times you failed to start your …

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Punching Bag Workout You’ll need:  A punching bag Tape or gloves Warm Up:  20 pushups Arm rotations (go through your range of motion) 20 body-weight squats Your Stance: Stable stance, bent knees Hands raised to chest level Feet are generally offset, so your non-dominant foot is slightly forward The Workout Take a 30 second break …

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Written by Taylor Empey – Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, Salt Lake City In my experience as a seasoned fitness coach, I have helped thousands of people when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals. Whether it be fat loss, muscle building, performance, body image issues, dealing with eating disorders, or battling medical conditions, I’ve …

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