Texas Children’s Health Plan and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston celebrate launch of partnership

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Texas Children’s Hospital receives grant to continue developing a vaccine for Chagas disease

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Ambassadors for Texas Children’s Hospital annual holiday party filled with both cheer and goodwill

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Charif Souki funds $10 million gift to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

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Men and suicide mental health

Written by Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, PharmD and Armin Brott, MBA Far too many American males are caught up in a storm of under-recognized, under-diagnosed, and poorly treated mental health issues, whose consequences play out in tragic headlines every day. They also play out—more quietly, yet more devastatingly—in homes and communities across the country. To get …

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By Antoine Kanamugire, MD Marijuana can make you feel good in the moment, but that longed for “feel-good moment” can play tricks on us; When use turns to abuse, marijuana could be a smoke screen hiding our profound suffering and pain, symptoms that will only become obvious to us later on down the road of …

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gym intimidation

Starting a new fitness routine comes with a lot of challenges. Self discipline and confidence is needed in many aspects of life, including when it comes to your health. Some challenges may show before you step into the gym. Gym intimidation comes in a number of forms and is always a big distraction. Whether you’re …

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“Doing what you love” shouldn’t be your expectation, it should be thought of as a privilege that requires a lot of work. Some people mistakenly think that their dreams will end up coming to fruition, regardless of how much work they put in. Success is built brick by brick, not all at once. You don’t …

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