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guiccy-guitlylheroGucci Guilty

Eau de toilette (for women)

At first, the scent is feminine and floral, but subsides into a rich, amber base with notes of patchouli.

$115 – 2.5 oz.



Pour homme (for men)

 A charismatic, familiar and captivating scent. Ingredients include Italian lemon, crushed green leaves and pink pepper.

 $88 – 3 oz.


sp-6000_easel_front4Secur Ultimate Solar Charger

This folding solar panel (6” x 10.5” when collapsed) is great for the active, environmentally conscious people. It has a 10,000 mAh lithium battery and two USB ports with a smart chip for fast charging. It has a simple mechanism for standing up on its own, and it has a waterproof pouch to hold charging electronics. It takes 7-8 hours to fully charge, but that gives you enough juice to charge multiple devices.

$125 –


casper-pillow-outer-layerCasper Pillow

What better gift than a good night’s rest? Casper’s pillow is made with a dual-layer construction with a 2” gusset and low friction fibers that allow for better air flow (to keep the pillow cool). It has a nice balance of sink versus support, which is what comfort is all about. It’s good for back and side sleepers especially.

$75 – 

de-buyer-mandoline-fDe Buyer Swing Mandoline

Slicing thin can be nerve wracking, which is where this cool kitchen device comes in handy. Potatoes, carrots and more will turn out even and beautiful.

$80 – 


screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-57-08-amIvation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower

Just stick one end in a bucket, sink, or basin, and have a gentle shower with this handy pump. Useful for camping, yes, but also for other outside tasks.

$29.99 – 


Grown Alchemist Lip Balm

If you want natural, Grown Alchemist is for you. This lip balm has antioxidants, triglycerides, watermelon seed extract, rosehip, argan and more.

$29 – grownalchemist.comgrownalchemist 

Cardamon Wallet
More and more dudes are realizing that smaller wallets are the way to go. In that vein, the Cardamon minimalist wallet is a classy billfold design that is fresh off of a successful Kickstarter campaign. We like it because while typical minimalist wallets get worn out quickly, this one lasts. And the material is thinner than leather, which means less bulk.

See Their Kickstarter




Other ideas, at a glance:

dino-lamps_20431Dino Lamps

$39 – 







Thirstystone Natural Stone Coasters

$14 – 



the-beard-bib_20402The Beard Bib

Attach an end to the mirror, and an end around your neck for a cleanly shave.

$31 – 


smartphone-speaker-2-0-copper-01-768x768Smartphone Projector

A simply made device that magnifies a phone screen by up to 8x. It works on iOS and Android.



lumio-book-lampLumio Lamp 

A light that comes in the form of a book. It’s a highly-acclaimed, award-winning design. Open the book for light anywhere.

$125 – $190 – 


Stocking Stuffers:


We were a little dubious when first using this simple device that sticks to the back of your phone to expand (two lengths) as a stand and grip. But over time, we liked the extendable grip, making it easier to hold our phones for a long period of time. Our favorite feature, however, was the simple car PopClip in companionship with the PopSocket, which allows you to easily access you phone on a car dash.

$10 – PopSocket
$10 – PopClip 



primershadowinsurance_closedToo Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

A popular product that locks down eye shadows and intensifies color to ensure crease-proof, fade-proof, waterproof wear for up to 24 hours.

$20 –

imgresSmart Mass Kinetic Sand

Like wet sand, but without the mess. Mold it, squish it, shape it.

$9.99 – 




Ciaté London Antique Brooch Nail Polish

An attractive gold, with unique golden flake texture that will make any girl feel glamorous.

$15 – 



2qOlio E Osso Lip Balm

This hip company out of Portland makes some unique, natural balms that make a fun gift.

$28 – 




This fascinating product let’s you fix stuff and create instantly. Say there is a nut you can’t unscrew because you don’t have the right tool. Just pop this card in water, and it becomes malleable. Then shape it around the nut, and wait a bit, and it will become a hard plastic shape that can turn the nut. After you’re done, pop it in water and it will regain its shape.

FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of meltable bio-plastic that can be used to fix the world!

$8 (for 3 cards)– 

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