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Are Sublingual Vitamins The Best Vitamins?

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Nutrient Needs From Infancy to Adolescence

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by John A. Anderson Misconceptions Are Among The Greatest Obstacles For Heart Health Despite decades of medical research and public campaigns to ease the problem, heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States and throughout the Western world.  One of the problems driving heart disease is the messaging, says Robert Thompson, M.D., an …

Sublingual means, by definition, below or beneath the tongue. Seem like a weird place for vitamins? There are some advantages to taking sublingual vitamins, such as, quick absorption, affordability and effectiveness. Think of those big vitamins pills that you take. How do those pills actually work? Just swallowing one of those hefty pills is a …

nutrition needs infants

Written by Whitney Lewis  The food pyramid (or plate these days, with provides a good guideline, but the truth is, your body needs different things in different growing stages. So before you go putting your baby on a skim milk diet or get fed up with your teenage son’s requests for more meat, look …