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Price Transparency In Healthcare Now Mandated

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Ketamine For Depression

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Questions About Grief That People Are Scared to Ask

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Antibiotic Resistance

The White House released an executive order recently calling antibiotic resistance a threat to national security, and declaring their commitment to fighting the problem, sometimes called Superbugs. Antiobiotic Misuse There are multiple reasons why certain strains of illness become resistant to common medication, according to the World Health Organization. “The evolution of resistant strains is …

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Michelle Vance’s battle with bipolar disorder, and how she overcame Written by Michael Richardson | Healthy Magazine Understanding your enemy is the first key to winning a battle, but more often than not, that is a luxury the mentally ill don’t possess. The story of Salt Lake City’s Michelle Vance highlights the damage mental illness’ …

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Paper Money Covered in Bacteria, Researchers Find Written by Michael Richardson | Healthy Magazine To all of us who’ve ever held a dollar bill, researchers from the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology of New York University have something to say: gross. Called the Dirty Money Project, these researchers found 3,000 types of bacteria on …

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With school just around the corner, learn how to help your kids avoid illness Written by Taylor Smith | Healthy Magazine According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average elementary school child gets eight to twelve colds or cases of the flu each school year. Why? Because schools happen to be a breeding ground …

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Written by Taylor Smith | Healthy Magazine What do Congressmen, billionaires and just about everybody on Twitter have in common? If you guessed, “They all share an unreasonable fear bordering on hysteria over the Ebola virus,” then you’re really good at guessing things. Like, really good. But back to the point—a quick glance at the …

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Loneliness Epidemic

The stigma and struggle of social disconnect Written by Michael Richardson | A prisoner in isolation. Tom Hanks talking to a painted volleyball. A child alone at a lunch table. Loneliness is an enemy humans universally fight, yet not one with universal respect. We hesitate to admit we’re lonely, claiming “depression” as a more …

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3 Really Gross Things About Your Bathroom

A lot of gross things happen in the bathroom. Hopefully, you clean it, but how clean is it really? By Linsy Hunsaker | We all know the bathroom is gross, but just how bad is it? Pretty bad, so quit reading if you still want to believe your hand-washing regimen leaves you squeaky clean …

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At Your Finger Tips

The Underutilized Power of Touch Written by Michael Richardson | Touch is the red-headed step child of our senses when it comes to human interaction. Look at me, hear me speak, smell my fragrance, but don’t you dare touch me. Blame our litigious habits, our increasingly electronic communication or our girthy American personal bubbles. …

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The Cardiovascular Decline of Our Kids

Whether it’s TV, video games, or simply a lack of interest, studies show our kids are becoming less and less physically fit. By Taylor Smith | It seems as though adults have been asking the same question with slight variations for a long time now—“What’s with kids these days?”. My grandparents asked the same questions …

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