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3 of Your Biggest Fears and How to Beat Them 

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Common Cooking Rules To Chuck In the Disposal

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What is Healthier: City or Rural Living?

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Cities Versus Suburbs

Where is the Best Place to Raise a Family? Written by Michael Richardson | Skyscrapers and designer stores versus backyards and block parties—a century-old debate for families. Parents want the best for their kids and for themselves, and wonder if a thriving city trumps a calm neighborhood. Schools, safety, culture, environment and dozens of …

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Courage: The Forgotten Virtue

Written By Taylor Smith | The Oxford English Dictionary defines courage as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. without fear. When you put it that way, courage is something reserved for epic tales of heroism or selfless acts of sacrifice. Courage is something we often …

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Written by Laura Collier | Treehouse Athletic Club This month beginning on Mother’s Day, is National Women’s Health Week. When you think about it, there is A LOT to learn about and take care of in just 7 days. We are pretty complicated creatures! So I am going to write about one thing we can do …

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Enjoying Food

Written Angela Silva | There is an abundance of delicious food all around us. We all have our go-to favorites when it comes to comfort food. But at what point does consuming our favorite foods turn into a coping mechanism for our stress or emotions? Unfortunately, many people have become desensitized from their natural …

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Putting the Cap on Bottled Water

Written by Michael Richardson | Healthy Magazine When bottled water first became a thing, the first thing we said was either “why” or “that’s stupid.” Now many of the former naysayers pick up bottled water without a second thought, leaving reusable water bottles of yesteryear dry and buried in some cupboard or dump. Many see …

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Sideline Superheroes

How supporting your child’s athletics might not mean what you think it does Written by Michael Richardson| The championship game is over. The reporter holds the mic up to your son, the star of the game. “I owe it all to my mom,” he says, his words awakening an inexpressible sense of pride. Now …

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