The Cardiovascular Decline of Our Kids

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30 Ways to Make This Summer Different Than All the Others

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The Best Digital Party Games

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Must-Know Push-up Variations

By Angela Silva | The push-up is the standard of body-weight exercises. Push-ups are some of the easiest and most effective ways to exercise and get in-shape. If push-ups are part of your routine, here are some fun variations to help mix-up your workout and work different muscle groups. They include push-ups for all …

Courage: The Forgotten Virtue

Written By Taylor Smith | The Oxford English Dictionary defines courage as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. without fear. When you put it that way, courage is something reserved for epic tales of heroism or selfless acts of sacrifice. Courage is something we often …

Acetaminophen study

By Taylor Smith | Acetaminophen, the active agent in drugs like Tylenol, is the most common drug ingredient in America. It is found in more than 600 over-the-counter and prescription medications including pain relievers, fever reducers, sleep aids, and even allergy medicines. A new study from researchers in Denmark indicates that the use of acetaminophen …

5 Weight Training Tips for New Gym Goers

Written by Zach Gee Weight training is one of the most important types of exercise you can do.  Its benefits include increased strength, increased power, increased muscle mass, increased metabolism, increased flexibility, improved posture, improved balance and stability, and decreased chance of injury.  With all of these benefits, there is a reason why it is …